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  1. iainmortimer

    Poll: multiple votes?

    So far the changes made to TOTM seem to have been well received and the level of entry is a credit to everyone. This is the final change that I have considered but it is arguably more significant than the others. As this is our competition and not my competition, the choice is yours according...
  2. iainmortimer

    POLL: Tie of the Month April now open. More styles of the Cascade than you could ever imagine!

    The poll for the flies dressed last month is now open. If you thought you knew what a Cascade looks like then think again because I think we have all been amazed at the variety of styles and colours that resulted from last months competition. This really is a great reference for a well known...
  3. iainmortimer

    Tie of the Month May 2021: 'Is that sea I see?'

    Welcome to Tie of the Month May 2021 Introduction The format of the 2021 Tie of the Month competition has changed slightly this year to give a better spread of points and to reflect an amazingly generous prize list. However, despite the prizes this is a very friendly competition that is open to...
  4. iainmortimer

    Wychwood SLA MKII + 2 spare spools and original case. #10/11. (I used with a SS #8/9). SOLD

    SOLD This reel balances my 13’ #8/9 rod perfectly and is in good working order. There is some gravel rash and it has had a ding which was polished out - see photo of inside of cage. I am only selling it to help find an upgrade. Video of reel being spun
  5. iainmortimer

    Guideline Vosso HD 911

    I can't find any reviews on this reel from genuine users as opposed to promoters. Does anyone have one thats had reasonable use - would you recommend? Also does it come with a decent reel case? Its for a 13' 8/9 rod Thanks
  6. iainmortimer

    John Norris 50% off guideline reach rods!

    I’ve just seen the advert on FB and thought it might be of interest to some...
  7. iainmortimer

    A few teeny ones for the trout....

    Someone asked me for a set of small dry flies ranging from size 16 to 20. An interesting challenge, particularly getting the foam on the balloon Caddis. Photos are the size 20’s but how to get a decent photo 🤷‍♂️ All tied on Hanak H130BL black nickel hooks. Sparkle Dun Thread: red Sheer...
  8. iainmortimer

    Public votes

    Since I joined TOTM the voting has always been confidential and for no other reason I have left that as it was. However, I think it would be interesting to see who casts their vote where as it gives some insight when say a known professional fly tier votes for your creation vs the...
  9. iainmortimer

    Tie of the Month March voting is open - samon and sea trout combinations to choose

    80 flies to be viewed this month as our 40 entrants had to produce their choice of the perfect combination when wanting to hedge their bets by using a dropper for sea trout. Which would you choose...
  10. iainmortimer

    POLL: Tie of the Month April 2021: I can already hear you groaning!

    Welcome to Tie of the Month April 2021 This months Theme: I can already hear you groaning! Well here we go again. Season open, a few fish starting to show up in reports along with some optimism that it could turn out to be a half decent year, but of course we also have covid restrictions in...
  11. iainmortimer

    I'm an idiot - thankfully Gaelforce are not!

    So what an idiot. I decided it was time to pick up a nice new Gaelforce multi-tip line for my 15' EMG #10/11 and so duly placed the order on the 13th March. The line duly arrived a few days later and then I decided a new running wouldn't hurt which arrived a few days ago. This morning was...
  12. iainmortimer

    Great Red Sedge or Mullough

    One of a few I tied up on request for waking back later in the trout season on those muggy summer evenings Hook: Fasna F-900 #6 Thread: 6/0 uni dark brown Body: claret seals fur Rib: small copper wire Wing: deer hair Antennae: cinnamon tip Turkey tail Hackle: Fiery brown cock
  13. iainmortimer

    TOTM - Your vote could make all the difference!

    Coming up for the half way point and we have 70 votes in and the top three places all tied! Given the number of entries and breadth of voting thats a suprise but it does mean that your vote can still make all the difference! I think the record number of votes is over 90 and so another 20 to...
  14. iainmortimer

    Rod Carriers - recommendation please

    I need, okay I want, to get some suction rod carriers for my car but it is impossible to decide what makes one better or worse than another or why one costs 3 times the price of another! Can I therefore gain the benefit of your experience on any to avoid, any you would recommend and what I...
  15. iainmortimer

    Tie of the Month February 2021 Poll now open! The Beauly Snow Fly - or our take on it in many cases

    Don't hang around to long before going and looking because I believe this is a record with 44 entries! Yes, 44 amazing flies that means its going to be extra tough to choose your favourite and so go and give your respects by placing a vote. TOTM FEB 2021 - competition page
  16. iainmortimer

    POLL: Tie of the Month March 2021: I just can't decide!!

    Welcome to Tie of the Month March 2021 This months Theme: I just can't decide!! From one extreme to the other. Last months theme was quite specific and I'm sure there was a bit of head scratching and good natured moaning about the ineptitude of the organiser for making life so hard...
  17. iainmortimer

    Upgrade 13' 6" #8/9 - recommendations?

    My current rod in this size is a 3 section Airflo Delta Classic which I really enjoy using but ideally I'd like a 4 piece rod for ease of transport within a budget of £500. Currently I'm using a Barrio ISS #8/9 floating with polyleaders which achieves all that I want and so something matched to...
  18. iainmortimer

    Why are some rivers known for Salmon and the others Grilse?

    Reading the debate on the Thurso and Tweed (please don't re-run that in parallel here!) made me think, again, about why some rivers seem to be known for there 2 and 3SW fish while others seem to lose them. Given the view that salmon generally return to the same river, and even to the same...
  19. iainmortimer

    Usk Grub

    There are so many versions of this fly around when you look at photo’s that it can be hard to work out which is one is the ‘original’. I believe this is close although I did modernise the orange body to add a wee bit of sparkle and use up some arctic fox fluff! Hook: Fulling Mill Magni, black...
  20. iainmortimer

    Tie of the Month 2021

    The competition is now open and so if you are considering, or have already planned on entering please see here: Good luck to everyone!