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    best brown trout fishing

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    What chance do Salmon have

    didn't realise there was that many ,i also must admit that i like seeing them pop their heads up when am walking round the bottom of the bay (y)
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    What chance do Salmon have

    i go walking down in findhorn very regularly,3-4 years ago there seemed to about 40 seals on the sand banks where the bay meets the sea,just above this there is a really narrow channel that any salmon must go through in order to run the findhorn or muckle burn,now there seems to be closer to 80...
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    Simple tool for removing the coating of a polyleader

    i just take a bit of nylon form a p loop put over the plastic coating and it cuts through the coating and pull it down and off
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    Birthday present

    just spend as much time with him as you can,i lost my father last sunday and i just so wish i could spend another day with him (y)
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    Does everyone on here fish for trout?

    i met you over the dee at park a couple of years ago i think ,i recognise your dog and remember you saying about the adders
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    Does everyone on here fish for trout?

    in the month of june when salmon fishing in scotland is probably one of the best months nowadays i will forsake it and head to the west coast loch fishing for trout ,don't think it means anything really ,i see myself as a game fisher
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    Ally's Shrimp Special

    i always tie it without the underwing ,works just as well (y)
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    A spin on 'car for fishing'

    the rear seats can be removed
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    A spin on 'car for fishing'

    peugeot partner,flat bed in the back for putting on waders or sitting your stove,very reliable and reasonable to fix ,over fifty to the gallon of diesel av got one and i love it
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    Honey Badger Shrimps

    lovely pattern mate
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    When can we go fishing?

    no word on that yet ,but you'll be able to get a haircut by end of april
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    Think i may have found the limit.

    bet you still enjoyed going out (y) ⛄
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    Thurso River "non-refundable" deposit

    how much is a week and whats the best week someone has given up :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
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    Thoughts About Trolling

    and then peace broke out (y) :oops:
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    How to use the 3 colours on my floating line

    if you are using heavy flies and sink tips make sure you roll it back to the top of the water before recasting
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    Commercial fishermen are you satisfied with your job?

    are you fishing for details
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    Run predictions for this year?

    where are people getting this thing about trawlers taking salmon,i asked a fisherman from findochty who was at sea all his life and his father before him if he ever caught salmon accidently in his nets ,in 50 yrs he caught one salmon and he says his father caught one salmon too in all his years...
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    First trip cancelled

    sad to say but i would think travelling any distance especially cross borders would be mid may at the earliest :oops:
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    The Take

    the take is when all those hours and days with not a touch suddenly dissolve into total irrelevance (y) ;)