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    And they used the 'compensation' to buy the quotas of English boats thereby continuing to fish in British waters. :mad:
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    PACKHAM - Desalination Plant - Southern Water

    I have a friend who lives in Spain in quite a big villa with pool big garden etc.. He was finding his water bills getting more and more expensive as every drop coming through the mains is metered and has to be paid for. He found it to be more economic to dig out a large part of his lawn at the...
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    Hook Keepers on a Fly Rod - Yea or Nay?

    I always loop my leader around the reel seat and attach the fly to the first eye seat. That means that if the rod is on a rod holder on my car the fly is facing into the wind and does not get all windblown. I also carry my rod with the butt forward so even if I am going through long grass...
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    Bird ID help

    Strangely enough I was parked opposite a taxi rank this morning waiting for my wife to come back from some shopping and a seagull (herring to be precise) was sitting on the bonnet of a taxi. As a passenger was about to enter the taxi he threw down the remains of some sort of sandwich. The gull...
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    The Shelfies are busy.

    For the Sassenachs on here, Shelfies are Chaffinches. :)
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    Hi guys just joined recently moved to sco

    Canice, Graeme Simpson is now the ghillie at Crathes Castle at Banchory and is a fully accredited casting instructor. TwinPeakes are at the bottom of the beat and have a casting school there attached to the Loop Tackle Field Centre that can supply tackle for your day. Contact them to make...
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    Taking a dook

    My worst was fishing Upper Farleyer on the Tay. I It was a wet day and had been raining all night but the river was running clear. For those who don't know the beat it is just below Loch Tay where the Lyon runs in so the Loch water is always clear and at that time the Lyon had not started to...
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    Aberdeenshire Dee 2021

    I don't know where he is now. He has not updated his facebook page for a while. You could try messaging him on it.
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    Aberdeenshire Dee 2021

    Many thanks John I should have clocked the surname. I suppose we will be seeing Rab down at the hut more often keeping an eye on him in case we start teaching him some of our bad habits. ;)
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    Aberdeenshire Dee 2021

    I see in the Dee newsletter that Graeme Simpson is no longer the ghillie at Birse. The new ghillie is Drew Patterson. Does anyone know where he comes from or anything about him? Just curious as we will hopefully have 3 weeks up there later in the year.
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    Gillie tips

    I know it wasn't a ghillie but a few years ago I was invited as a guest to a 200 bird pheasant shoot on quite a posh estate. One of the other guests who was a local farmer asked our host what he should tip the head keeper and was told that £50 would be acceptable. The guest looked back at our...
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    Still eating fish out the supermarket?

    The best smoked haddock in Scotland. Vacuum packed next day delivery.
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    Scottish politics

    I should add to my previous post. I have in the past voted SNP for the Westminster parliament and probably will again. There they actually perform a useful function. My problem is their misuse of power in Scotland.
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    Scottish politics

    As somebody who does not want the SNP to have a majority in the next parliament my voting has to be tactical. Therefore I will be voting for the candidate and party most likely to defeat them in my constituency regardless of who or whatever party they belong to.
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    Observations from Lincolnshire

    McM, I use one of these. Easy. My biggest problem is getting them off at night.
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    Six Nations Rugby 2021

    I am not sure about Hogg as a 10 or Steele in place of the injured Russell.
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    Six Nations Rugby 2021

    Scotland Team for Sunday
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    Six Nations Rugby 2021

    France v Scotland is now given the go ahead on Sunday as no new French players have tested positive Monday or Tuesday. Looking forward to it as even with a weakened team France will be dangerous. I still expect Scotland to win however.
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    And you thought you were having a bad day

    I hope you gave him a decent funeral (after removing the tail of course). :)
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    More studies on the effects of Vitamin D in hospitals in Spain. If you don't watch the whole video which I would recommend as it explains the clinical process then at least watch the first minute (skipping the adverts at the beginning). Remember that the amount of Vitamin D your body needs...