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    Hook Keepers on a Fly Rod - Yea or Nay?

    Trout rods I like them, because small fiddly flies are sometimes a pain to put on rod guides. Salmon rods never use them as tend to tuck leader under reel and hook onto the bottom eye/guide.
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    Green Peter Shrimp Variants

    Only just seen these JS, they look just the ticket for summer- can't believe how tidy you've got them on the small sizes. Lovely tying.
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    DrPatrickT's Fish Tank Shrimp

    Really awesome tying JockieScott - I'm liking your versions better than my own! I'd love you get to fish on one. All the best, Patrick
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    Couple of tart-ups

    I like the colour combination of the holo green with the yellow/brown./orange. Those top two I need to try and copy - but I'd fish the lot of them. Dont put yourself down as a tyer - there's plenty right about those flies to my eye (y)
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    Another cracker from you, it looks brilliant on that bartleet 👍
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    Garry Dowg........

    Another super quality tie Nathan, you are on fire! - and a great pattern!
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    The best flat mylar?

    I know what you mean woodsy. I normally smear a bit of super glue on the back of the tinsel for anything that has a slight profile to it - flat i'm ok with. Mylar UTC is the best I've got - I like essential fly but their two tone or single tone is terrible - the coating comes off so easily...
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    Tie of the Month May 2021: 'Is that sea I see?'

    What do people use rod wise when fishing in the sea - I’m imagining something a bit meaty like a 9 weight like for pike - because things with dumbbells or length make for a heavy fly so I’m assuming needs a bit of chucking power?
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    Tie of the Month May 2021: 'Is that sea I see?'

    The master has arrived! I was expecting a CB special for this theme. The little hint from red sharpie and the ripple ice over the wing look magic. Glad to have you back👍
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    Tie of the Month May 2021: 'Is that sea I see?'

    Cheers Jockie - lol - if it caught anything I’d be happy - half thinking of using it as a sunray as I doubt it’ll go anywhere near the sea given where I fish🤔🤔🤔
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    Tie of the Month May 2021: 'Is that sea I see?'

    Hi All, Well I was stumped - had a look at a few websites but none the wiser. They eat sand eels don't they - so I thought I'd try a sand eel pattern and see how it comes out. Tying Pattern (it's about 5 inches in total - wonder if it needs to be bigger as sand eels can be 10+ inches???)...
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    Poll: multiple votes?

    I was wondering about this. If there’s a way to automate the capture of overall points and positions - then I think it’s a great idea and more representative of the voting - because now it’s all or nothing per position. Assume the output would be an averaged score per tyer - and then highest...
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    POLL: Tie of the Month April 2021: I can already hear you groaning!

    I don't normally say who I've voted for - some cracking entries - my 'which of these get the vote' were Snapacious T (super tidy), Westie (cracking tie - I'm going to tie some up), Mr Mortimer, Stephenb91 (I can see that as a back end fly- got a calviny feel to it) and Andrej. In the end I'm...
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    Welsh Dee 2021

    Even with the water still painfully low (but I can see there is supposed to be rain coming - Monday /Tues and through the week!) I went down today - gauge at Manley 0.432. Lovely morning - nice to get the sun on the face - completely quiet but still a bit chilly. Brought the salmon rod more for...
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    The Willie Gunn Shrimp

    Stunning SnapT!
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    POLL: Tie of the Month April 2021: I can already hear you groaning!

    It’s a cracker - glad Westie is taking part as he’s one of them hidden cracking tyers on the forum (there’s a few of them!) that occasionally shows us their skills - and when he does, never disappoints 👍
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    A couple today

    Tidy tying there Craig 👍
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    Wee Hagurs

    Cracking looking fly Woodsy, another one with grilse or salmon or sea trout written all over it and hopefully for you, on it 👍
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    Willy gunn on 6mm tungsten body

    You are tying some cracking flies, lovely stuff 👍
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    Flaming PIG

    Yeah that’s super ‘oooft’ Nathan, beautifully tied. 👍👍👍