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    Running fish and resting/resident fish

    Running fish and resting/resident fish, do folk on here change their approach, tactics and fly’s for them. Couple of beats I fish on one river, one the fish bomb through, another they rest up, should you be using different tactics when fishing them ??
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    Rio chucker which tips??

    Just bought the above line in a 7# and was wondering what sort of tips folks used with this line. Seemed to go fine with 10ft versileaders first time out and I’m yet to delve into the MOW tip market. Cheers
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    Neoprene waders

    Probably been covered before but I’m starting to think about the spring and needing a new pair, can anyone recommend some good neoprene waders that don’t break the bank. Cheers
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    Dead and diseased fish

    Are any other rivers seeing large amounts of dead and diseased fish since October this year. I understand it’s part of the natural process once some fish have spawned to getting disease and dying, but on the coquet there are huge amounts going belly up right through the system from bottom to...
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    Irish shrimp flamethrower

    First time posting on here so hope the picture comes through
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    Ocean waders, how safe??

    Been using these for a good few seasons now and have no worries on the smaller rivers I fish where there is a slim chance of getting washed away, but, after getting into a bit of a pickle last season on a rising Tyne with the water nearly lapping into my waders for a good 20 mins while I battled...
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    Coquet salmon NAF

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    Repairing integrated running line

    I’m sure this has probably been covered before but I have about a 1m section of my barrio switch running line which is knackered. Is there any way of cutting this out and connecting the running line back together before I start looking for a new fly line, looks like the barrio switch’s are hard...
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    Rio scandi versitip

    This is probably a daft question but do you add polyleaders/versileaders to the mentioned tips or is it a case of just adding tippet material. The reason I’m asking is I’m finding the tips at but overkill on my 8# so just thinking of using the floating tip with 5ft or 10ft polyleaders. Kind of...
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    Rio Scandi versitip kit

    I’ve got this line for my 15fter as a full kit and I love it, now I’m after the same line for my 13fter but just the shooting head, not the running line or tips so does anyone know if it’s possible just to buy the shooting head and would I be able to use the Versi tips from my 10/11# on a 8# for...
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    Line advice

    Hi, can anyone give me some advice on a line to buy for delicate presentation. I’m currently using an airflo rage which is great for when it’s windy or high water but find it a bit to splashy on the smooth glides when the river is getting low. I’m using a 13ft 8# uniqua. Thanks in advance
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    Best chance of a springer

    A bit premature but I’m traveling back from auchenlarie (Dumfries) to Newcastle next April. Where and what beat is my best chance of a fish on the way home or there abouts. Annan, nith, Eden, esk???? Cheers in advance
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    Airflo rage shooting head kit

    For sale airflo rage shooting head kit 8/9 580grain. Comes with shooting head, running line and 3 tips. Only used once for 30 minutes and it’s to heavy for my rod. £55 posted
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    Rod/line set up, advice please

    Been out today with my new 13 foot set up (greys gr50 8/9 and an airflo rage 8/9 580g). For some reason I’m struggling to put out a good line and everything seems a bit heavy and clumsy. Could possibly be my casting and getting used to a new rod/line, just wondering if anyone else has this set...
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    Wading vest

    Looking for something like a snowbee geo wading vest or similar. Cheers
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    Wading waistcoat

    Hi all, can anyone recommend a cheap and cheerful lightweight summer wading waist coat that’s good quality. I’m not a tackle tart so not wanting to spend much. Cheers
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    BDAA whitadder

    Hi all, I’ll be fishing this clubs water for the first time this year. Does anyone else on here fish it and can give me any pointers?? I.e best beats, best levels going off the Hutton castle guage I guess?? And successful flys ?. Cheers in advance
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    Greys grx 13ft

    A pal has given me one of these as I said I needed a 13fter or there abouts, so, I'm going to give it a go and then decided if I'm going to treat myself to something new. Has anyone got one of these and and is it any good, also line recommendations. Will be getting used when it's a bit windy and...
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    Northumbrian anglers fed

    Just a handful of piccys from the fed this year, cracking water on the till, coquet and tyne. The 2 big silver bars are Feb and March springers off tyne and coquet. Cracking value for money for the water available
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    Bleeding from the gills

    Twice this year I have caught fish which I have played fairly quickly, kept them in the water and practiced good c@r, I've noticed slight bleeding from the gills but eventually they have swam off. Do you think these fish will survive or is it best to chap them if you see bleeding???