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    Salmon farming news Canada

    Trudeau issues mandate to close BC netpen salmon farms by 2025 | Intrafish
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    The Mersey Miracle

    The wanderings of straying salmon could be the key to a hatchery program helping restore UK stocks, argues Mike Handyside in a very interesting article in this months Trout and Salmon. Well worth a read.
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    Interesting article from land based salmon farming company.

    Atlantic Sapphire drops expansion bombshell for salmon farmers gathered in Brussels | Undercurrent News
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    Chum salmon

    A 3 kg Chum Salmon from the River Quatse near Port Hardy on Vancouver Island. Caught on a marabou stinger fly tied on a Waddington Shank connected to a 10 ft length of T17 connected to Rio 8# SSVT body and a 11ft Switch Rod.
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    At last

    At last a way to upload pictures. Right click on picture and click resize and choose email. 2.5kg salmon caught last Monday on Knockando Phones beat from the Pouches pool. Difficult 3 days with river level at -4 inches.
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    Lastest from Jaffa

    reLAKSation no 860 | Relaksation Spitting his dummy.
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    Industry propaganda on Salmon Farming.

    I started receiving mail from Dr Martin Jaffa a few months ago and find it hard not to laugh at a scientist publishing this one sided propaganda. Thought it was worth a read. reLAKSation no 849 | Relaksation
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    interesting video

    An excellent documentary (approx 55 mins... - Oughterard Anglers Association
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    Bears in BC

    Found another video from trip to Vancouver Island. Checking out base camp - YouTube
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    He's behind you

    Campbell River, Vancouver Island, BC. Video taken while fishing. 20171008 171632 - YouTube
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    Vancouver Island fishing

    After the bears pictures I thought I better put one in of my best catch today as well. A nice Coho
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    Hackeries don't work. Don't they?

    Hatcheries don't work. Don't they? Visited the Quinsam Hatchery on Vancouver Island on Tuesday to look round the facility and what an eye opener. But apparently over in UK the powers that be say they don't work. Well let me assure you they do. Look at the stats on the third picture. And the...
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    Vancouver Island fishing by a bear

    The easy way to catch fish
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    Rushing Waters - Todd Moen

    This guy gets better and better. North Cascades Fly Fishing - Rushing Waters by Todd Moen - YouTube
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    Watching Ostapenko v Halep in the ladies tennis. I thought I had accidentally put on a porno. What a noise.
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    Loch Maree

    Eaten Alive: End of an Era - YouTube
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    24.5 lb Salmon off the Spey

    Fished with Jonas and a few Swedish anglers on the Dee last week and the group had 6 Springer's. I follow Jonas and Mattias on their blog and the pair have another group fishing the Spey this week and have started with a bang. Read the blog here. River Spey - salmon fishing on River Spey, Scotland.
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    Botham salmon fishing in Perthshire on now. Sent from my HTC Desire 510 using Tapatalk
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    More news on the salmon farming front Right click and press translate
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    Just wondering if this new trend of balancing you rod over you shoulders while having your picture taken with your catch will catch on. ??? Sent from my HTC Desire 510 using Tapatalk