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  1. gwelsher


    (y) (y) Very much the way I tie it. But I do like the Macaw. The fish probably don't give a damn but I like it :) I have also tied it with small JC cheeks which looks nice but ditto Macaw above.
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    S&TC report on the EA

    A report on 25 years of inaction.
  3. gwelsher

    New clothing available...

    I've just ordered 2 sets for my trip to Floors Castle :p
  4. gwelsher

    Anyone who ties custom flies?

    Send a PM to the regular posters of flies.
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    Stacked Tube Flies

    There have been various posts about this and articles in magazines. It looks like a lot of old posts were lost when the forum moved software. Try searching on here and in google for names like articulated tubes etc. A mate of mine, Britfisher on here, wrote an article for a magazine some years...
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    Crathie ?

    (y) (y) (y)
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    Stacked Tube Flies

    It's not a new idea. I posted some year ago about this years ago which concentrated on heads and tails but I also use different body/wing parts. It is not my idea various other people have posted on it.
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    Are we really that gullible? 😲

    Its been getting even worse for the last 5 years or so with all the "influencers" who post on forums and social media extolling the wonder new material, tool etc from XXX company or other. They don't mention that they get the stuff for cheap/free. I could kit somebody out with a set of fly tying...
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    Hair wing blue charm ?

    That's the way I was told to tie it. Low and sleek. Tom also liked his variants. I know he experimented with GloBrite #14 yarn as the hackle. There is also a variant which is the same dressing but tied on a gold hook.
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    More Dyeing

    I'm waiting to see the results. Now the shops are open I will be looking at getting some bleach stuff.
  11. gwelsher

    Hair wing blue charm ?

    You had already expressed my thoughts Charlie. I am strict as to following the original dressing for a fly where I know it. No additions or changes unless you call it a Variant, Based On or something similar to denote it is not the original, I put (V) after my variants. One of the problems is...
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    More Dyeing

    Same recipe as before but this time using Silver Creek Orange dye. The Oxalic certainly gives a much better and even colour.
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    Tying on JC

    Show off :giggle: I've wasted loads of nails trying to do it the Davie way of both at once and failing, I think it's black magic. I now just tie them in one at a time and tie back the stalks. There again I never had a nail come out when I didn't tie them back but better to be safe.
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    Hair wing blue charm ?

    That'll do nicely (y) (y)
  15. gwelsher

    Dyeing today

    I have just been playing with the dye pot using Oxalic acid. Feathers have never been a problem but as you know other stuff can be. I found it impossible to get the guard hairs of Fox to take the colour well, so did a lot of pro suppliers by the look of stuff I have seen. I tried Citric but...
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    Bleach dying squirrel tails

    If you wear your thong and stilettos as usual they will not notice :giggle::p:giggle:
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    New Worming Rod

    Look at Barbel rods. Fox, Daiwa and many others do great rods for less than £100. An 11' with 1.75lb test curve will be spot on for most rivers. If you fish a river with tight spaces look at 10' If it's a very snaggy river consider going up to 2.25lb test curve.
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    Bleach dying squirrel tails

    Do not expect to get perfect results straight away as bleaching Squirrel can be a bugger. But when you get it right it is a beautiful and much underused hair. Probably because it is more difficult to tie in than Fox, Runner etc. Use one of the hair lighteners as you said. Don't use bleach as...
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    ‘Brown’ winging material

    This is natural Red Squirrel. This tail is probably over 40 years old. It has a lovely colour. This is a Jimmy tied with it
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    Purple Scandi

    Still got an eye for the colour Gary (y) (y)