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    Ribble 2020

    I thought it was time to open up the new thread for 2020. Best wishes for the season ahead. There's been a bit of activity in the past week, so I thought it's time to kick off again. Tight lines to all Ribble rods:thumb:
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    River Eden 2019

    I thought I'd start the Eden thread for the new season. I know the Eden season is open now, does anyone fish this early in the season & come across any Spring fish ? I know it's early but when do the Spring fish start to run the Eden in numbers where there's a good chance of a fish ? Tight lines.
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    Ribble 2019

    Best wishes for the New Year to all Ribble rods. Lets hope we get more water for the season a head & hopefully better runs of fish. I know it's a salmon forum but are there any of you out fishing for Grayling ? If so it would be great to read your reports on how your doing.
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    Wading boots

    Could anyone advice me on what is the best way to repair my wading boots ? I have a pair of Vision Hopper wading boots (felt soles) & the felt sole are starting to open up around the sides. I've just bought some Bostik 2402 Adhesive to repair the boots, but I'd like to know whether it's best to...
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    Ribble 2017

    I thought I would just kick off the Ribble thread for 2017 Happy New Year & tight lines for the new season:)
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    I were cleaning & reproofing my Waders last & discovered the wading straps & belts were full of black bit all over them, anyone know what this is ? I have the feeling there are either rotting away or the moths have been at them. Is there any solution of reviving them ? The waders have been hung...
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    Rod, reel and line for sale

    For sale Guideline exceed 14'8" 4 pc rod 10#/11# Matched with Pfleuger Trion reel 10# to 12# and Rio versi tip line (kit) 10#/11# £260 Thanks Paul.
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    repairing intergrated running lines

    I have a century stealth fly line with the intergrated running line & it has a crack in it. I was wondering what the best way is, on how to go about repairing it. I don't want it to snap off & lose the line. I appreciate any advice given. Regards Paul.
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    Breathable waders

    I have just got myself a pair of Vision Ikon waders & would like to know whether it would be good practice to either leave my waders in the bag provided or to take them out & hang them up. I always wash & dry them out after fishing. I just want to get as long a use out of these as possible...
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    River Ribble 2013

    Happy new year to all ribble rods for the new season;) Lets hope there's alot more fish about this season. Tight lines.
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    Ocean chest waders

    Does anyone have a pair of these waders ? Im after a new pair for next season, the 2 pairs that I have are both leaking in and im sick of buying waders and wading boots that you are lucky if you get a full season out of. I were thinking of buying a pair of these waders for lasting longer and...
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    Do salmon run in dirty water ?

    Im just curious whether salmon run in dirty water or do they wait for the colour too drain out abit before they start to run ? The reason i ask is im trying to get the timing right on when to be on the river at the right time instead of wasting my time. To be honest ive never had a salmon in...
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    Im looking for a pocket sized thermometer, can anyone recomend one and where to purchase them from. Ive been looking on ebay at some and cant make my mind up on which one to get. I appreciate any advice. Thanks Paul.
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    J C capes

    I have a J C cape! a question id like to ask is ive used all the best sizes of eye feathers and im left with either very small or very big feathers. What is the best method of making the most use out of the cape ? When i look at the cape it looks like it's hardly been used, it would be a waste...
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    I have quite a few sets of tubes in various materails, but they already lined can you get tubes without the lining already in ? It's just that im planning on tying up a few cone head tube flies, if so where is the best place too purchase them from. Thanks in advance.
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    Removing stored messages

    I seem to have problem removing stored messages:confused: Ive got 190 stored messages and every time i try to get rid of them it only deletes the latest messages i have, so ive only got room for 10 messages. Could anyone help me out on this. Thanks in advance.
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    Is it possible to freeze shimps ? Ive bought some this season and not really had chance to use them, i was woundering if i could freeze them rather than throw them away. Appriecate any advise Regards Paul.
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    Washing wading jackets.

    Ive just machine washed my wading jacket as it was starting stink. I washed it on a 30c wash using NIKWAX WASH IN and it's come out alright but its still wet around the the bottom after 16 hours. Im not convenced it's going to keep the weather out. As anyone got used this before or have a...
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    Century fly line

    Ive just purchased century line for my guideline le cie rod after the comments on them, i'll report back on it when i give it a chuck, im looking forward to it coming.:D
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    Hardy Marquis 2 salmon fly reel

    Ive been looking at the old hardy marquis salmon fly reels for some time now. Has any of you forum members experienced using one of these reels? Id like to hear your reports on these reels from those of you who have fished with them. Ive got my eye on one at the moment. Thanks Paul