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  1. Ribble Rod

    Ribble 2012

    Very little river activity at the moment, plenty of politics though. The Ribble is big yet again. The Waddow camera shows a large root bole from a massive tree stuck on the sill of the weir. On the Winkley weir there is another large tree trunk caught fast on the weir. It will take very big...
  2. Ribble Rod

    Nikon D3000 SLR camera.

    My friend has asked if I would put his camera on the forum, he wishes to sell it, local to Lancashire if possible. Its decscribed as brand new and unused. A Nikon D3000 SLR Plus a AF-S DX Nikkor 18-55mm lens F/3 5-5. 69VR Plus a Nikkor AF-S DX Zoom 55- 200mm F/4 5.6 GED The camera cost...
  3. Ribble Rod

    Ribble 2011

    A very "Happy New Year" to you all We are on countdown to a new season. Tight lines and bent rods for a successful one R.R.
  4. Ribble Rod

    Ribble 2009

    The E.A. have just passed me December's fish count through Waddow. Only 36 fish went up which brings the year's total to 5460. This figure may be trimmed slightly later when the final figures are re-checked. It's still an excellent figure, and the spawning seems to have also been good. R.R.
  5. Ribble Rod

    Ribble News 2009

    Let's begin a new ( Ribble News) thread for 2009 R.R.
  6. Ribble Rod

    Ribble Today 2009

    Let's begin a new (Ribble Today) thread for 2009 R.R.
  7. Ribble Rod

    Ribble today

    I have just come back from the river at Waddow as I live very close to it and I see it every morning throuout the season. I will try to give a river height report as and when it does decide to move for you anglers who do not live close by. I know it must be very frustrating not to know the...
  8. Ribble Rod

    Ribble News.

    This is a brief update of what is happening on the Ribble for those interested. May has not been the best month with dry sunny weather and no rain to lift the river to bring in fish off the tides. The numbers of fish through both the fish counters for Ribble and Hodder ie Waddow and Winkley...
  9. Ribble Rod

    Ribble Update

    Sunday April 26th Thre river is slighly coloured after 10mm of rain overnight. I will pass on the latest info I have regarding counter figures through Waddow counter. Since January 34 fish have been counted through the Waddow counter, most of these will have been springers. The numbers...
  10. Ribble Rod

    Pollution on Ribble & Hodder.

    Through this forum I would like to make an appeal to all anglers who fish any of our rivers ie. Ribble, Hodder and Calder. As we are fast approaching another season I think this is the approriate time to bring pollution and its problems to the fore. As the pollution officer for the Ribble...