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  1. Slaneysider

    Whiting Saddles Bronze

    €25 each, All capes Sold... Thanks for the interest
  2. Slaneysider

    Orvis clearwater iv.

    Have the following reel for Sale. €50 posted by standard postage. Thanks for looking.
  3. Slaneysider

    Hardy jlh ultralite

    Have the following reel for Sale in excellent condition, 180 euros posted.
  4. Slaneysider

    Poaching off West Coast of Ireland. ? ? Would make your blood boil.
  5. Slaneysider

    System 2

    Does anyone know where I could get this reel serviced. Picked up one recently but don't think it's right, never had one before so I'm not sure what it even should run like, is it even set up for lhw. Thanks in advance
  6. Slaneysider

    Waist Waders or Chest ?

    Looking for recommendations for a pair of waders mainly because sometimes the trek to the river involves walking through fields of winter barley and if there has been showers you end up been soaked for the evening , also i usually end up dryfly trout fishing later on so wading becomes a...
  7. Slaneysider

    Hardy Sirrus 7/8 Reel

    Have the above reel for Sale in vgc. €150 posted. Thanks for looking
  8. Slaneysider

    Hardy Marquis 8/9

    Have the above reel for Sale. In vgc Looking for €70 posted. Thanks for looking
  9. Slaneysider

    Sage Rpl rod Repair.

    Is it possible to repair this rod or would it be worth the hassle, or would Sage still have the mandrels for the Rpl. Thanks in advance
  10. Slaneysider

    Shakespeare Oracle Switch Line?????

    Bought this line recently used it no more than half a dozen times, it's full of cracks already. Should I bin it or take my chances? Has anyone had any similar problems with lines.
  11. Slaneysider

    Line Recommendation Hardy Zenith 10'#8

    Can anyone recommend a line suitable for the above rod. Thanks in advance.
  12. Slaneysider

    Tragopan Pheasant

    Picked up this bird from a local gamekeeper, it died overnight on him, nice wings on it think it would make great sedge flies, murroughs or green Peters, seems to be a very dark colour
  13. Slaneysider

    Limerick Rational Hooks.

    Have 4 of these hooks if any Classic fly tyer is interested in them, they are new and have never been used. SIZE 2" AND 11/2". 12 euros posted. Pm if interested. Thanks in advance. Now Sold...
  14. Slaneysider

    Rage Compact Tips

    Has anyone got the above tips, looking for the mint green floater especially, bought the 480 grain head, and running line from a local dealer but unfortunately never got any matching tips and he won't break another set for tips. Thanks.
  15. Slaneysider

    Drury Aura Series Rods.

    Has anyone got one or have any info the above rods and what are they like . Thanks
  16. Slaneysider

    Question about afs outbound spey 7/8 ?

    I’m after acquiring the above line . 460gr 30g. Just wondering is it suitable for the 12 ‘ cross s1 and will i need a tip with it or can i attach the leader straight to it
  17. Slaneysider

    Free Lpxe 11'#6/7.( Broken 3rd Section)

    Free to whoever wants it if they are willing to pay for postage. Broke the third section of it , when falling off the pushbike while on the way to the river , gears slipped and went straight out over the handle bars and managed to land on the rod. I'm into the rod too much and am not going to...
  18. Slaneysider

    Any History Buffs on the Forum?

    Since the fishing is slow and not much moving , I said I'll post this and see if anyone can shed any light on it and what was it used for . It always baffles me when I pass it . Seems too modern to be Stone Age because the rocks around it look like they were put there by a machine.
  19. Slaneysider

    Hardy Zenith Sintrix 10' #8.

    Have the above rod for sale in mint condition . Comes with sock, tube and cover for tube . Looking for 300 euros by registered post. PayPal accepted. Thanks for looking.
  20. Slaneysider

    Hardy Ultralite Disc LA. LHW

    Selling the above reel 10/11 , it is in mint condition , comes with original box with backing . Looking for 175 euros posted by registered post. Reel now sold. Thanks.