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    Few Facebook pictures to share

    That Oykel fish is just perfection
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    Airflo Ultraspey Shooting Head Kit

    Yes absolutely, nylon goes loop to loop straight onto one of the interchangeable tips. For any of the sinking tips go for 5 to 6ft of nylon, but once you are on to the floating tip later in the year then increase nylon length to around 12 ft
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    Airflo Ultraspey Shooting Head Kit

    Fine the way it comes, the tips selection provided is all you need. Be aware it's maybe already a little longer than a number of other shooting heads, and the more sink length you add will only make it more difficult to handle, as per PB comments. If you were needing more sink you'd be as well...
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    Has anbody actually been fishing yet?

    Great pic though! Looks like overnight temps up Deeside are not as bad as expected, and clear at Potarch today, so fingers crossed!
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    Has anbody actually been fishing yet?

    Mmmm, Ballater minus 8 on Sunday night, think we will be struggling on Monday with slush puppy!
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    Alness end of season

    Funny, when I showed the pic to Roger he said the same - never noticed it before, despite all that time on the beat. Maybe it was right time, right light etc. A couple of subsequent visits never showed it off quite so well. Have a close look next time! That was a good sized back end fish for...
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    Alness end of season

    Interested in hearing the various views on Alness, particularly Novar. Not fished there for some time now but always enjoyed it, exciting little pools to fish. Not many monsters, but usually a reasonable head of 3 - 7lb fish from June onwards. Anyway, have posted this one before, but still...
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    Arndilly Monkey

    Nice fly but why the ginormous treble...!? Way out of proportion.
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    Dearth of 30lbers

    Fair kype on that big boy!
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    16' rod

    Neilt recommends the 15-9 Guideline, and I tend to agree. Pretty sure there's a good condition one for sale on FB marketplace just now (not mine I hasten to add!). My preference in early season is always for a longer rod. The extra length is nothing to do with striving for extra distance, the...
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    Aberdeenshire Dee 2020

    You won't be wanting any more water then!
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    Loop Scandi SDS Shooting head kit - splicing head to running line?

    If your issues lie only for fishing smaller rivers, why is there even a need for a shooting head? You would have less hassle, and would likely present your fly better with a shortish head Spey line eg the 55ft Carron ?
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    wanted CND bvgt 15

    Nope but I do have a 15ft 6" CND Salmo Specialist for sale
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    The Don 2020

    What's going on with all the irrelevant stuff!?
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    Just curious, can anyone explain why this beat appears to have all 6 rods available through most if not all of November? I haven't fished Tweed for a few years now, but as far as I remember this beat was always heavily booked up? Can't believe everyone is disillusioned to this extent with the...
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    Hardy Sintrix Jet 15ft

    Evening folks, Decided to sell my Hardy Jet. Bought it about a year ago, but has only been used 4 times. Beautiful rod in all respects, and genuinely "as new", however I just could not quite get to grips with the action, it does not suit my particular style unfortunately. New price is around...
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    Guideline LXi 15'9 with Triple D's

    First shottie yesterday with my new Guideline - marvellous! Slightly longer handle than the older Le Cie, but for me being brought up on Bruce & Walkers this was no bad thing, in fact quite welcome. Very nice finishings too. Paired up initially with a Triple Density Hover/Inty/Sink 3, then...
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    Bruce & Walker 16ft Parabolic

    Guys, I'm selling this rod basically due to having too many, and thought that Forum members should be given first chance at it before going nationwide ie FleeBay. I bought it direct from B&W approx 5 years ago, but it has only been used maybe 4 times per season since. Apart from a couple of...
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    CND salmon rods

    Anybody out there using one of these? If so, what do you think of them, in particular I was thinking about the CND Salar 15'6", but also wanted a general indication of quality and performance. Also, anyone know of any dealers for these in the Aberdeenshire area ? Cheers, Gordy
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    Bill Drury Impact Spey, 74ft head

    Another recent aquisition this - bought it for fishing larger waters. Tried it out first on the Dee with my Guideline 15'9 LeCaie ( can never remember how this is spelt....) and it was a decent line without being outstanding. I liked the running line and black coloured marker / join between...