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  1. Mac1780

    LTS Explosive 13’6” #9 Price Reduced NOW SOLD

    LTS 13’6” Explosive #9, 4 piece in Excellent condition. £300 inc Insured postage to UK mainland. Photos can be sent by email if requested.
  2. Mac1780

    River wear 2021

    I am not going to get into arguments on this forum, suffice to say VBS are all anglers, volunteers and as stated are purely extra eyes and ears for the EA. I have passed the information onto the Regional Manager of the VBS who in turn has already notified his contacts at EA, Bishop Auckland...
  3. Mac1780

    River wear 2021

    To the best of my knowledge, certainly in the North East area no EA Bailiffs job were lost with the creation of the Angling Trust Volunteer scheme. I am a VB based North of the Tyne. Volunteer Bailiffs are purely the eyes and ears for the EA and if patrolling and come across an incident they...
  4. Mac1780

    Vac rac magnetic rod holders

    SUMO. Very strong you can check out their videos on YouTube
  5. Mac1780

    RIO AFS #9/10 Now Sold

    As above line now sold
  6. Mac1780

    RIO AFS #10/11 Scandi Shooting Head Now SOLD

    As Above. line now SOLD
  7. Mac1780

    Guideline Power Taper #9/10 F/H/ S1

    Guideline Power Taper Scandi line #9/10. F/H/S1 36 grams. 555 grains. test cast only. £35 posted
  8. Mac1780

    RIO AFS Scandi #10/11

    RIO AFS Scandi Shooting Head #10/11 floating line test cast only. 42 gram. 640 grain. £30 posted.
  9. Mac1780

    RIO AFS Scandi #9/10

    RIO AFS Scandi #9/10 test cast only. £30 posted.
  10. Mac1780

    Broken hardy

    I have recently snapped a section in my Greys Spinning rod. I contacted Hardys at Pure Fishing and a new section is in the post arriving tomorrow. Fantastic service especially as they are still closed due to lockdown. You need to supply them with rod length, casting weight and which...
  11. Mac1780

    River Tyne 2020

    I am aware that Dilston Fishing is C&R for Salmon unless it is the anglers first ever one. No mention of C&R for Sea Trout. Lambley is also C&R now.
  12. Mac1780

    Simms Vapor Wading Boots UK size 10

    Simms Vapor Wading boots UK size 10, vibram sole. Only worn a couple of times so excellent condition. Very lightweight but solid boots. £75 posted. SOLD
  13. Mac1780

    Vac Rac Rod Holder set

    Vac Rac lockable suction Rod holder set, excellent condition. These are the lockable Loc Rac carrier as shown in the attached Link. Loc Rac — Vac-Rac Fishing Rod Racks for Vehicles £35 posted. SOLD
  14. Mac1780

    15’ Bloke Trebuchet #10/11 wt Salmon Rod

    Selling a 15’ Bloke Trebuchet #10/11 wt Salmon fly rod. This is the 4 piece SpeyMaster rod. Test cast only so in pristine condition, complete with rod bag and rigid case Bloke Fly Rods - The Heart and Soul of Fly Fishing £85 posted.
  15. Mac1780

    A few lines for sale

    RIO Skagit Max Long Shooting Head 750 grain. Used once so in perfect condition. £35 posted. SOLD MacKenzie DTX Shooting Head, Float/Int tip 44gm for 10/11 wt. Perfect condition. £20 posted. MacKenzie DTX Shooting Head, Float. 44gm for 10/11 wt. Again in perfect condition. £20 posted. All...
  16. Mac1780

    LTS Explosive 12' 6" #8wt

    I am looking for a LTS Explosive 12'6" #8 wt if anyone has one available.
  17. Mac1780

    MacKenzie DTX 15'. 10wt Fly Rod

    Looking to sell my Mackenzie DTX 15' #10 wt Fly rod. It has been sparingly used and is in almost pristine condition. I have never taped the joints on this rod, only used candle wax so no marks on the blank around the joints. Complete with rod bag and the Scott Mackenzie rod tube in Burgundy...
  18. Mac1780

    Simms G4Z front zip Gore Tex waders size L

    No longer for sale.
  19. Mac1780

    River Dochart advice

    3 of us have been invited to fish some stretches of the River Dochart next week, by a farmer friend who owns stretches to the west of Killin. Obviously, it is a spate river and current levels are low but looking for advice in these current conditions. Happy to fish for trout if it is too low for...