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  1. Scanny

    WTD: 11/12 shooting heeeeeeds

    Gents, Has anyone got 11/12 shooting heads available? Ideally PT's (or whatever they are called now) in Int/s1 for throwing copper in the spring from a dry bank on a trip back to Aberdoom. Cheers
  2. Scanny

    Complete set up for all seasons, lot

    Sold, Regards.
  3. Scanny

    Lines for Sale

    A few lines for sale, I'm off out to Houston next month with the option to relocate, so I need to slim down the kit for very occasional use on trips back over. Guideline Power Tapers: 9/10 Short Cut- Hover/Int £25 Int/S1 £25 S1/S2 £25 S2/S3 £25 9/10 Distance Cut- S1/S2 £25 8/9 Distance Cut-...
  4. Scanny

    A Day on the...Spey, Tulchan

    I was fortunate enough to be invited along to join a party of anglers to fish the hallowed waters of the Tulchan Estate this month, it didn't disappoint. i have a feeling im going to enjoy having the Spey valley as my "back yard". I was drawn to fish B Beat, and upon arrival it was sitting at...
  5. Scanny

    Line for a 15' Grant Vibration Greenheart

    Has anyone got a line recommendation for a Greenheart 15' ? Ta
  6. Scanny

    Fs: Carron Twin 10/11 75'

    Bought in blind optimism that I would have time to play with it. Test cast only, comes in it's tin with a loop I put on the front. It's a floater. £55 posted
  7. Scanny

    Fs: 13' Dtx #8

    13' Dtx (Original) #8 rod in very good condition. Lovely toy, but I don't have time to fish or play with it, so it needs a new home. Line wise it enjoys a Carrons in 8/9 and 9/10 along with 8/9 Afs and 9/10 Power Taper shooting heads. £300 Payment via bank transfer
  8. Scanny

    Fs: Loop Classic 1013

    A loop classic size 10/13 in good condition. Lovely bit of jewellery, but it's sat in a pouch for 14 months so needs a new home. It comes with the loop case and original Box. Serious enquiries only please. £400 posted Payment via bank transfer
  9. Scanny

    Aberdeen Accomodation 3-6 Months

    Gents, Not strictly salmon related, but I know there is a healthy number of Aberdeen and shire residents on and I'm stuck. I start in Aberdeen on the 1st March instead of traveling up as i gave been doing, and need to rent something until I'm settled and find something to buy. I'm...
  10. Scanny

    Wanted: Carrons and Loop Classic 8/11

    Gents, I'm looking for another 8/11 Loop Classic, Also Carrons in 11/12, 8/9 and a 55' if anyone has any they would like to move on Regards Steve
  11. Scanny

    Glandular Fever, PVFS & CFS

    Gents, Looking for anyone who has enjoyed any of the above, for some advice. By pm please, Thanks Steve
  12. Scanny

    Lines clear out - Carron, Rio, Guideline

    A few lines that are cluttering up my tackle bag for sale Rio Afs: 10/11 Floating - the front loop has been replaced with a braided loop. £30 9-10 sink 2/3 - very seldom used, excellent condition. Sold Guideline: MMD 60' 10/11 floating Spey line - £30 Distance Cut Power Taper 9/10 S1/2 -...
  13. Scanny

    Carron 11/12 Long ones wanted?

    Hi, If anyone has Carron 11/12's in 85' or 95' they would let go, I would be interested Cheers Steve
  14. Scanny

    Mid Clyde Angling Association Mackenzie DTX Open Day

    A bought of Glandular fever has given me some time to work through a pile of memory cards, here are a few rough pictures from the Mid Clyde DTX Open Day held on a Glorious day back in June. A good turn out assembled for the day, with Mr MacKenzie, Toft & Kirk for a masterclass and a chance to...
  15. Scanny

    Fs: Rio Afs 7/8 Floating

    A floating 7/8 Afs, used 3 times on a zaxis switch, in excellent condition. £30 posted
  16. Scanny

    Canon EF 17-40mm F4 L lens for sale

    A few photography items creep up for sale here occasionally, so I'll give it a try before its off to eBay. An immaculate Canon 17-40 F4 L series lens for sale, in EF mount. It's been on a 5DII twice, and has sat in its box since. I've no time to fish let alone indulge with any of my cameras...
  17. Scanny

    WTD: 8/9 AFS Floater

    Gents, I'm looking to re-home that Rio Afs 8/9 you have sitting in the kit bag. Preferably in Orange for photo work. Steve
  18. Scanny

    Paps out!

    A rare appearance from the Paps of Jura this week.
  19. Scanny

    Stella must have changed...Deflection

    Reading the morning post, with a superb hangover, i am a little confused that my copy may have a misprint, or Belgium Beer has changed in its effect. In a catalogue a manufacturer wrote the following: "...the middle to tip recovery of the blank is lightning fast with little or no deflection...
  20. Scanny

    FS: MacKenzie DTX 15' #10 SH

    Gents, Another inspired purchase last year. I have a set of originals and fancied a 15' SH for deep wading on the Tay rolling long sunk heads up. Ill not get much call to use it this year so its off to ebay shortly. Its been used a handfull of times, no varnish lift on the whippings or...