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    Godson’s Christmas

    My godson, who turns 11 in January has asked for “fishing stuff” for his Christmas present. I was thinking that one of the rod, line, reel outfits that are advertised would be ideal to get him started. I think a fly rod kit, rather than a spinning set, would be best as, living in...
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    Multi Tip Lines and Vision 14' Mag Questions

    I apologise if this has been asked before - I may have missed it. I knew the answer to this but I'm beginning to doubt myself. With a multi tip lines, such as a Rio Skandi Versatip, do you use a polyleader or do you go straight to a length of tippet, or with a floating tip, a tapered leader...
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    Boys Own Trip to The Ness

    At last the beginning of April and Big Brother, dogs & I piled into his car way too early on Sunday morning to begin the long trip north to the cottage for our, now annual, boys own trip to investigate the contents of the rivers Ness & Oich. We burst through the doors of John Norris in Penrith...