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  1. spffitter

    Brand new MLA GOLD 400 Salmon Reel

    House of Hardy MLA Gold 400 limited edition reel Number 234 from 250 made. This reel is brand new, its boxed with a neoprene pouch and the instructions. When available the rrp was around £440, there are two on a website for £480 each. I would be prepared to accept £310 for this reel. Failing...
  2. spffitter

    15 Foot altmor spey rod

    15 Foot altmor spey rod 10/11 rated for sale, wonderful condition used only a handful of times, complete with original tube £140. The same rod is advertised in John Norris's list of used tackle for £200 and it is in nowhere near as good a condition as the rod I'm selling. This really is a good...
  3. spffitter

    A host of quality gear for sale

    For Sale, Reasonable offers please. Loop Greyline 15 foot 10 rated, with spare top in original tube , evotec LW 8eleven L (box and case available) loaded with 10 rated Loop Quattro line (all four tips available). The rod and reel are in good condition, the line may need straightening...
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  5. spffitter

    A Footy Treble !

    Noticed the horse racing thread got some interest so here goes with my vice, betting on football. I do back horses however spend more time now betting on the footy. I back up to £500 a game so I do study the form and results. For those of you out there that enjoy a punt on the football coupons...
  6. spffitter

    What happens to the fish ?

    What do the fish do in extreme conditions like the ones we are experiencing at the moment on some rivers, will they move downstream, will they enter the river ? I have heard tales of people catching salmon in pools in fields (not with rod and line) has anybody seen fish stranded like this, it...
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    Some locals resent visiting fishers fishing their river, on the other hand some locals bend over backwards to help by passing on information about pools, giving phone numbers so conditions and prospects can be obtained (local knowledge is worth bucket fulls) etc etc. Do you know any funny tales...
  8. spffitter

    Discrimination ?

    In this day and age of human rights, gay rights, women's rights, anti racism and anti discrimination of any kind, what does the Forum think about the price of a visiting member differing to that of the price of a local rod ? for example one beat I fish costs £200 for a visitor for a season, yet...
  9. spffitter

    Poaching ?

    :(Now this is a fairly contentious issue ! I am wondering the views of the Forum membership regarding how fishers should behave when two different clubs own opposite banks of the river. It has come to my attention a club opposite ours has wrote to our bailiffs saying our members are letting...
  10. spffitter

    Seasons End In Sight !

    Whats he talking about ? may scream the Annan and Nith fishers. I fish the Eden and in eleven days thats our lot ! early to start and early to finish and with the conditions we have had this year returns are down with many fishers not wetting lines. I do realise that the season was moved to...
  11. spffitter

    Where Is the Rain ?

    Yesterday we went to fish the Nith on the Mid Nithsdale A A beat near Thornhill, about twelve miles above Dumfries. Boy do we need water to put the river into a decent state to fish, very few pools were fishable due to the lack of flow, however there are fish present but only a odd fish was...
  12. spffitter

    WANTED ! 12ft Amorphous Whisker Bait rod

    Please note I am looking for the 12 foot AMORPHOUS whisker (not the basic whisker model). Written on the top of the butt section is Amorphous Whisker and on the underside Salmon Spin/Bait AWS 12W C.wt.7-40G. I am looking for a rod in good or better condition and will pay accordingly, so if...
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    Hi There

    Just saying hello, I'm pleased to have found this site lots of strong opinions and veiws being expressed.:)