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  1. MacDizcuz

    Loop Classic 79

    I have recently purchased a Loop Classic 79 Fly Reel. I would like to load it with a Gaelforce Equaliser EIHH Hover #9 line. Can anyone advise if this would be appropriate and how much gel spun backing it would hold? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. MacDizcuz

    Hardy Zephrus Sintrix 440 D/H 13ft 6ins #8/9

    After saving up for ages I have now bought the rod of my dreams. It’s the Hardy Zephrus Sintrix 440 D/H 13ft 6in #8/9. I will be fishing mainly medium sized rivers with it and would be grateful if anyone could advise me on the most suitable lines to use. I am no expert caster and would classify...