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  1. simoncassidy

    Vosseler Passion reel.

    Anyone have the above reel, Really like the look of them before I plunge,Would be interested to hear any responses.
  2. simoncassidy

    Lee Wolf Triangle Taper

    Wanted a #5 or #6 Lee Wolf Triangle Taper floating line,
  3. simoncassidy

    B&W 13ft 4x4 Norway and 14ft B&W Shooting Head

    Hi Guys looking for the above rods just resurrected my 3 piece 13ft Norway and still love it.But it barely fits into my car boot. If anyone has either or both of the above and are willing to part with them.I have a selection of high end rods or reels to barter or cash whichever suits. Complete...
  4. simoncassidy

    15ft #10 GLoomis Asquith Spey

    Hi has anyone on here had a throw or possess one of the above rods,Black Friday and Xmas is getting very close:lol::lol:
  5. simoncassidy

    Shooting Head recommendations for 16ft Marksman 2 T-Series

    Just got my hands on an immaculate 16ft #11 Marksman 2 T-Series and am wondering if anyone out there has used one,If so what Shooting Heads did you find best on it,I have 44g Guideline 3Ds,MacKenzie DTx 44g 2Ds and Scientific Angler Ultimate Scandi Taper in 3Ds 44g also Carron Jetstream 55ft...
  6. simoncassidy

    Off the bus for 2019

    Water levels finally dropped enough stop a few Springers racing to the headwaters. Managed this cracker on Sunday 30th. Always good to get a March fish. Great scrap on an 11ft Switch rod.In and back out in under 10mins. :D:D Simon Cassidy - That me off the bus. Spanking 16lber. | Facebook
  7. simoncassidy

    Guideline ULS Hybrid.

    Guideline are launching a new range following on from the ULS Single handed lines which I have found to be a revelation on my single handers.Had great fun and success fishing with them this season, Has anyone used one yet and where can they be purchased, My choice will be a 10ft #7.
  8. simoncassidy

    Mono running line.

    Anyone using heavy mono as running line and if so what BS and make would you recommend also have there been any problems with it? ie tangling or kinking. Thanks in advance
  9. simoncassidy

    Hardy Greys/Sportfish Customer Service.

    In light of a recent thread criticising Hardy customer service I feel all to often we can be critical but less vocal of the better side of customer service. Recently I sent a reel to Hardy to have a clutch setting repaired for an upcoming trip I mentioned this and was assured by Hardy that my...
  10. simoncassidy

    10ft #7 Zenith Sintrix

    10ft #7 Zenith Sintrix WANTED Above rod wanted to buy or swap for a top end rod or reel. Sent from my GT-I9305 using Tapatalk
  11. simoncassidy

    Sage,Guideline,Hardy for sale

    Sage One 10ft #7 Excellent condition with Sage 2210 Reel and Rio Perception #7 – £500 incl UK/Ireland Postage Now SOLD.Guideline SOLD. Hardy still available. Would like to sell as a complete kit as it is matched/balanced set up but will take offers on separate items.Also have a Barrio Slx #7...
  12. simoncassidy

    Hardy Zenith Dilemna

    Had my heart set on getting myself the 15ft 1 Sintrix for this years season.Unfortunately I got talking to somebody yesterday who has tested the rod and they described it as a powerhouse and that it is way over gunned for most of the rivers here in Ireland more suited he said to Norway or the...
  13. simoncassidy

    Snook fishing Florida.

    Hi guys I've been over here over Xmas in Lakeland and looks like my last 5 days I get a chance to throw a line for Snook. Have any of you fished the tidals areas of streams or the mangroves for snook around the Tampa area. Will be using my 9ft #9 Gloomis which I think should suffice, Any info...
  14. simoncassidy

    Our annual backend trip to Scotland.

    Pics and footage of our annual trip to the Tweed and Teviot Oct. 2015. with forum members Joe E and Royalboyne. Warning contains some strong language from me namely.
  15. simoncassidy

    Bill Drury Aura Series

    Has anyone tried the New Aura series 15ft #10/11 5 piece rod?Had a look at one recently and it feels and looks a nice rod just need a little convincing that I really need it. Fly Lines - Items - Drury Lines & Tackle
  16. simoncassidy

    14ft Jet Sintrix #9 Line recommendations.

    Have used the 570 Airflo Rage Compact on it and it seems to go ok.This will be grand for flies or even the 540 if its not too light. Any recommendations on a line it likes to throw big stuff ie. a Multi tip system like Speyworks 3volution which I have tried in the #9/10 but it feels a bit heavy...
  17. simoncassidy

    38lb Finn Springer...
  18. simoncassidy

    Now its Christmas..

    Piano like you've never heard before, Angels We Have Heard on High (Christmas w/ 32 fingers and 8 thumbs) - ThePianoGuys - YouTube
  19. simoncassidy

    Lamson customer service..

    Just have to mention the excellent customer service recieved from, Luke Morrison, Warranty Repair & Technical Customer Service, sent Luke an email re a broken clutch enquiring how to go about getting a new one,the reply stated that a new one was in the post.Have recieved the clutch from the...
  20. simoncassidy

    Price of Salmon..

    Price of Salmon 1of4 - YouTube Price of Salmon 2of4 - YouTube Price of Salmon 3of4 - YouTube Price of Salmon 4of4 - YouTube