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  1. Irish Salar

    Tay Devon Minnows

    I recently contacted one of our trade members on here Chris Connolly for some help. With the long term objective of getting my son and daughter into salmon fishing I thought that the Devon Minnow was an ideal method (with natural bait being banned on my local river) to develop their skills...
  2. Irish Salar

    Rio Scandi 8 wt fl body

    Looking to swap an 8/9wt Rio Scandi floating body for the same body in a 9 wt (455gr). its a very lightly used body in excellent condition but without original spool and packaging. Drop me a pm if interested
  3. Irish Salar

    Guideline 3D 9/10 heads

    Looking to acquire some Guideline 3D heads in a 9/10 rating uncut. Have the F/H/I but would be very interested in any of the others. Drop me a pm if anyone has something suitable. Cheers, Brendan
  4. Irish Salar

    Simms Freestone wading jacket XL

    For sale is a Simms Freestone wading jacket in the XL. it's the older model and had been very lightly used as just too big for me. No rips or tears, zip and cuffs are excellent. some small marks which I have tried to show in the 4th picture but your have to look fairly hard to see them. These...
  5. Irish Salar

    March Fly Swap

    As the LTC Swap is now nearing completion, its time to get back to basics and get this months swap open. Although I'm not expecting the same enthusiastic response that last month's swap got, it would be great to see some of last month's contributors get on board for this months swap. All new and...
  6. Irish Salar

    January 2014 Swap

    Right guys, time to get moving on the next swap. The format this month is going to be a little bi looser with the idea being that each participant will create a set of flies that will be auctioned off as part of the LTC campaign (Lets Tackle Cancer for anyone that may not have seen the threads...
  7. Irish Salar

    December Swap

    A great suggestion that I received yesterday was to do the Dec swap but all entries must be in by the 15th Jan. We then forget about January and start a February swap nice and early to get us back into synch. Maybe if we then adopt this half month cut of point for future swaps it might stop the...
  8. Irish Salar

    Clear Out

    Trying to put some money together for next year's fishing I've decided to have a clear out of some gear that's just been lying around gathering dust. Prices include standard postage (recorded at buyers request would be extra) and Paypal with buyer to cover fees, Pics to follow tonight 1. Lamson...
  9. Irish Salar

    October/November swap

    As the last swap is now completed, time to get the next one underway; as we are now over half way through the month of October I would suggest rolling October and November into the one swap. The sets will arrive before Christmas and this will mean that they will be tied on in search of a...
  10. Irish Salar

    September Swap

    As all of the August flies are in transit its time to get going with the September swap. For many, by the time the flies arrive their season will be over and thoughts will be turning to Spring, but for others Mid Autumn brings the cream of fishing with big aggressive fish heading in from the...
  11. Irish Salar

    August Swap

    First of the month has come & gone so its time to get moving on the next swap. It would seem that we are nearly there with July's swap so we can now turn attention to August's theme as suggested by Daffyd Flamethrowers A great style of fly that will encourage some nice experimentation with...
  12. Irish Salar

    MOW tips medium

    I have the following tips that are surplus to requirements (purchased as part of a package). They are in the original packaging and appear unused 10ft floating medium tip (Mow) 10ft intermediate medium tip (iMow) These retail at £19.99 each; Looking for £25 for the pair posted (standard...
  13. Irish Salar

    April/May swap

    As we are nearer to the end of April and the fishing season is in full swing the deadline for this swap will be the end of May. That should allow e regime who would like to be involved plenty of time to tie up the flies without being under pressure for time. The usual T&Cs apply ( see opening...
  14. Irish Salar

    Guideline Quadra Spool 10/12

    Selling on behalf of a friend a brand new spare spool for the Guideline Quadra 10/12. He's looking to get £60 and p&p will be a fiver. They are £115 in Sportfish or GAC so grab a bargain. Drop me a pm if interested. Now sold, thanks for the interest
  15. Irish Salar

    February Swap

    Kicking off the first swap of 2013. Rules You must tie a full set of identical flies (the number in the set is determined by the number of entrants, 10 guys/ladies participating, tie 10 flies etc), and send them in a suitable envelope, also containing a stamped self addressed envelope (for...
  16. Irish Salar

    Merry christmas

    Just wanted to wish all on the forum but in particular to All those that have contributed to the swaps in 2012. Regardless as to wether you were a once off participator or one that signed up for every swap,your contribution was greatly appreciated. For the efforts that were made in terms of...
  17. Irish Salar

    December Fly Swap

    A little late this month. However I am a little hesitant about opening this one up under the normal rules. Postage deadlines; volume of post etc could potentially cause problems. So what would everyone think of setting the closing date at the first week in January. This month's theme is...
  18. Irish Salar

    November swap

    First of the month so time to get the November swap up & running. Usual rules apply (a quick look at any of the opening posts on the previous month swaps will confirm these or if anyone is unsure just drop me a quick pm or post on the thread) Theme for this month is courtesy of Wormo; "the...
  19. Irish Salar

    October Swap

    As the September swap has gone well and the flies are in transit ts time to open up the October swap with a number of guys having already requested to be included Usual rules apply. No theme confirmed as of yet for this month;one suggestion is "your top performing fly for the season" Flies...
  20. Irish Salar

    Henrik mortensen DVDs

    With the season drawing to a close I'm looking to get some DVDs to pass the closed season . So looking to buy any of the henrik mortensen DVDs except Cracking the Code which I already have. Drop me a pm