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  1. Bushwhacker

    OPST Commando head 450g plus two tips.

    OPST Commando head.18ft.450 grain.Only been used a four times. Two 12ft Sink tips.S2-S3 132G.S5-S6 168G.Never used. £50 the lot including P/P. SOLD.
  2. Bushwhacker

    Guideline Favo 7-9 reel with Commando head.

    Guideline Favo 7-9 Reel With a 425 Grain OPST Commando head and 40lb Lazer running line plus backing. The reel and head are brand new and were only test cast for an hour.The running line has been used a few times but is in perfect order. They are for sale as i found the reel is a bit small and...
  3. Bushwhacker

    Welding lines.

    A canny vid showing how to weld heads to running lines. This also gives you a good idea on how to weld any lines. Welding Fly Lines - Making a full fly line out of a shooting head system - YouTube
  4. Bushwhacker

    Live Fish cam.

    From Sweden. Undervattenskameran Fallfors
  5. Bushwhacker

    Damn Weather

    Looking at the weather radar early this morning and there was some nice heavy rain heading our way.Hoping it would put some water in the river. Typically its done the same as the last 5 years and hit the Lake District and veered north missing the Wear catchment yet again. Well i,m off to the...
  6. Bushwhacker

    More Home made lures.

    Some more home made Metal Lip Swimmers. The longest is four inches.All with rattles.
  7. Bushwhacker

    Diving in the river.

    I bet there,s a fortune in lures in a lot of well fished pools on many rivers around the country. I know a few on my local river there will probably hundreds of spinners and crank baits that have been lost over the years. Searching for River Treasure! - Knife, Gun, 5 Sunglasses, Fishing Tackle...
  8. Bushwhacker

    Some more handy tips from Antti

    Another canny vid from Antti Guttorm. FLY TV - Salmon Fishing with Single Hand and Switch Rods (German Subtitles) - YouTube
  9. Bushwhacker

    New License

    Got my new EA license today.£82,the first one i ever bought was £8. A few weeks ago i had a letter from the EA saying my old one ran out on the 15th of this month. When i looked at my license in the post office it was actually dated to run out on the 12th. I was fishing yesterday so i was...
  10. Bushwhacker

    Home made lures.

    Amazing what you can do with some Dowel,stainless wire and some cheap nail varnish and glitter. Ready for the Salmon, Seatrout .Plus Pike and Bass if the river is on its bones all summer yet again. Most of the Metal lip Swimmers have rattles fitted. All hand carved.
  11. Bushwhacker

    Norway Salmon.

    Some handy tips in this vid. FLY TV - Salmon Fishing with Two-Handed Rods (German Subtitles) - YouTube
  12. Bushwhacker

    Can,t miss.

    I,v never been a good shot with a shotgun,always liked rifles. I think i,v just found a shotgun that might give me the edge.;):D World's Fastest Shotgun Fostech Origin 12 - YouTube
  13. Bushwhacker

    Snow melt Intruder

    I havn,t been at the vice for a while so tied a few of these today for when this snow melts. Around 3 inches total length.
  14. Bushwhacker

    Home in a carcass.

    Been up in the Dales shooting rabbits today and came across this. Something has made its home in this sheep carcass.
  15. Bushwhacker

    Fish damage.

    I,v seen many fish in both the salt and fresh with some serious wounds over the years,but never one with this much and it survived. Go to 4-15 in the vid. Shocking Moments Caught on Camera salmon fishing - YouTube
  16. Bushwhacker

    A few through the test tank.

    Here are a few spring flies put through the test tank. The last three are variations of the Huagar pattern. Spring Scandi flies in the test tank - YouTube
  17. Bushwhacker

    Severe Weather Warning.

    The AA have warned that anyone traveling in these icy conditions should take a shovel,Blankets/sleeping bag,extra clothing(including hate ,scarf and coat),24 hour supply of food and drink,De-icer,rock salt,petrol can,extra battery and jump leads. I felt a right fekking idiot on the bus...:p:D
  18. Bushwhacker

    Cover up claim.

    Seems some politicians would rather ruin the environment than lose there backhanders.;):D ‘Cover-up’ claim over ban on fish farm pesticide | HeraldScotland
  19. Bushwhacker

    Airflo Rage 540g Float

    Airflo Rage 540 grain floating head. I used this line about 10 times until i bought a heavier 600g which is more suited to my rod. £25 incl P&P.
  20. Bushwhacker

    Shimano 4000Dl Reel

    Shimano DL 4000FB Baitrunner reel. Boxed and unused.The two spools are loaded with new braid,30 Whiplash Crystal and 15kg PowerPro. I bought this reel a few months ago to use for shrimping but never used it. Its a nice size for spinning as well. £45 incl P&P. REEL NOW SOLD..