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  1. uplands50

    Upper Beauly or Ness

    Guys, Ive booked 3 days again on the lower Beauly the last week of September, looking to book something else For the end of the week. The Alness Novar beats are booked I was too slow, there it was gone, so was thinking of the Upper Beauly or Ness instead?. Would welcome and suggestions...
  2. uplands50

    Costa Sun Glasses

    Just a heads up Have a look on TKMaxx online shop, you can get Costa glasses for £79.99. I just got a pair of green mirrors. Happy Shopping
  3. uplands50

    Advice on Dee beat mid March

    Guys Looking to book a couple of days on the Dee prior to my fishing the Tweed at Rutherford. Have fished Little Blackhall a few times and from the availability and what I wish to pay have to choose between, Mid Blackhall, Banchory, and Park N. I'm favouring Mid Blackhall Any comments to...
  4. uplands50

    Hardy Fibalite Spinning Rod

    Had an absolute bargin today picked up on Gumtree a mint Fibalite 9.5ft spinning rod in its bag that not been used for £40. Hope to use it on the Wye for early high water fishing. See how it compares to my Diawa Signature.
  5. uplands50

    Knots for tying loop in leader

    Would welcome some views on knots I've always used a figure of eight knot to put loops in leaders but having lost a good fish on the Tweed this week when the leader gave way at the loop knot on 15lb maxima I am wondering if I should consider some of the other knots available for both copolymer...
  6. uplands50

    Solihull Flydressers

    Found this on the t'internet today may be useful to other novices, have a look if you haven't seen it WELCOME TO SOLIHULL FLYDRESSERS
  7. uplands50

    Line Recommendations for Sharpes 13' Spliced Cane

    Guys A Sharpes 13ft Spliced Cane rod together with a Old 4" duplicated Uniqua has come into my possesion. I havw always had a soft spot for cane rods. and ocasionally usethem for trout and every couple of years get theMk4 avon out for chub or barbel. I plan to give the rod a cast probably on...
  8. uplands50

    Help pls lines for B&W Norway 12ft 7/9

    Help pls lines for B&W Norway 12ft 7/9 Just obtained this from the forum tried it with a 9/10 afs which seemed a bit light which I find surprising since they are 38gm. The rod did not seem to load, it cast it ok, but I felt the rod was not working I was doing it all ! Any recommendations...
  9. uplands50

    Norway 2 12 ft Speycaster

    Lines for Norway 2 12 ft Speycaster Guys, Would like some recommendations for lines for the above rod. Just bought it of the forum and tried it today with a 9/10 afs which seemed to light for my taste/ casting style, I was having to work quite hard. Seemed like it would cast a skagit well...
  10. uplands50

    Scierra Matuka 12'9 - 8/9

    Four piece DH rod in excellent condition with bag and Courdura Tube. If interested pm with email and I will send pictures £ 70 posted
  11. uplands50

    Loop Sale

    I hav'nt seen any thing posted but Stephen Fawcetts are selling Loop Opti Power Spey rods for £399 were £ 599 and the Loop Opti Big reels for £ 286 were £529. I have availed myself of both:), the reel seems large a first but balances the 15ft spey perfectly and has fantastic build quality.
  12. uplands50

    Scierra HMS vII 14'8' 9/10

    Guys I've managed to snap the tip about 8" from top joint:( last Saturday while casting , any possibility of a member with another section broken we can swap. I'm trying to get a replacement, but dont hold out much hope, or could i repair it with carbon or glass insert. Any help or advice...
  13. uplands50

    Fishing a dropper

    Hi all, What is the opinion regarding using a dropper when salmon fishing, does it depend on your casting ability, wind condition, ability to make the flies swim correctly. I do not use one at the moment, but with two flies in the water you must increase your chances:confused:
  14. uplands50

    Skagit or Full Sinker

    Hi Guys I have only been double handed fishing for 18 months. I started with a Scierra 15ft EDP picked up on ebay for £ 59 and rio afs 10/11 with poly tips which would appear heavy 42g for the rod rating but now the EDP seems powerful and I can now send a good line out. I purchased a Scierra...
  15. uplands50

    Hi all from Swansea

    Hi, I'm Steve from Swansea , been fishing for 45years, progression from coarse to game. Started Salmon fishing 18months ago because it was on my PAAS ticket and just finished my first full season fly fishing for salmon and am totaly capitvated. Fish mainly the Wye and Welsh Dee and some Sewin...