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  1. Dave G

    Ocean fishing and Crab

    We went out in the Ocean to go bottom fishing and we caught 2 Quillbacks along with the other fish. Two in one day is rare with these fish. Then another day we went crabbing and besides the Dungeness Crab we caught this really big Red Rock. Not as tasty as Dungeness, but hot butter fixes that.
  2. Dave G

    First trip on the Ocean this year.

    Crabbing was terrible. 8 traps for 3 lousy crabs. It's commercial season and they are cleaning us out. We went 7 for 8 on the Ling Cod 1 Canary, 1 Black and 2 special fish. These are Quillbacks, beautiful fish you "almost" hate eating them.
  3. Dave G

    So, we go out for Halibut but caught this instead.

    We were trying all day and could not find the halibut. Then all of a sudden, this guy comes up. Yum yum!
  4. Dave G

    Finally the big halibut!

    All year long, nothing but small halibut. Yesterday we went out in total fog, the radar was on the whole way. Very slow drift, so I put down a halibut rig and an hour later I pull up this big guy. 45 inches long and the biggest one of the year.
  5. Dave G

    Salmon died today!!!

    Seven for Eight today. I generally run a Brads Super Plug Cut so I can get fishing and go back steering. I give the line 12 pulls and put the rod in the holder. I let go and all hell brakes out. A couple of minutes later I haul this guy in.
  6. Dave G


    Nothing but 20-30 pounders over the rail today.
  7. Dave G

    Another Coho

    I am the Vice President of our fishing club, this last Christmas gift exchange I pulled a gag gift. It was a taboo banana with treble hooks. For laugh and giggles this last fishing trip I brought it along and when I did catch a hatchery Coho on a diver and green hoochie I slipped in the banana...
  8. Dave G

    I did it again!!!

    Going out again tomorrow and see if I can get a three-peat.
  9. Dave G

    Whats on the menu?

    These nice fat Gaper clams are!!!
  10. Dave G

    Halibut and Chinook all in the same day.

    Beautiful day on the water spending time with some fellow fishing club members.
  11. Dave G

    For the fans of Craab.

    The Dungeness Crab are nice and thick this time of year and the state of Oregon in their infinite wisdom closes the ocean season on us. But before they did, I pulled 32 of these big guys into the boat.
  12. Dave G

    Been a lousy year for halibut.....

    But we caught this instead. Darnedest this is we were using octopus for bait. :doh:
  13. Dave G

    Chinook and a Coho!!!

    The Chinook was a surprise. The U.S. with their stupid laws says Coho are endangered and are very restrictive on catching them. From experience there have to be millions of them up and down the west coast over here. Chinook on the other hand, it's a rare year for me to catch one. This is the...
  14. Dave G

    I am on a roll!!!

    Here is our limit of salmon today, no halibut. Don in the picture is the President of our fishing club and had a killer salmon rig that we all used today.
  15. Dave G

    I can finally post a Salmon picture!!!

    And it wouldn't be no fun unless I sneaked a halibut picture in also.
  16. Dave G

    My biggest Lingcod ever.

    Ocean salmon opened up a while back and not a single report of a recreational fish caught. :doh: Halibut season will open up in a few more days, but in the meantime I caught the big boy.
  17. Dave G

    Someday I will catch a salmon

    Another terrible season for Salmon, I caught two Salmon this year but they were both natives so I had to release them. Right now most of the coastal rivers are closed, there are just no salmon returning this year. Ocean crabbing is closed. Just finished up tuna season, even this year was off...
  18. Dave G

    Terrible salmon season so far.

    The ocean salmon fishing has not been that great. I went out one day to try some near shore halibut. I have been trying to catch one close in for three years now. I broke that streak the other day. Sure feels good not having to go 20 miles out to catch one.
  19. Dave G

    Hello from Oregon

    Kind of new, been here for a while but gave up on the site because you can't post pictures. Now you can and I'm Back. Retired last year and now I go fishing in the Pacific as much as I can. Of course salmon, halibut season is about to open up, tuna next and bottom fishing and crabbing all year...
  20. Dave G

    Posting pictures?

    I have read up on how to post pictures, but I am still not getting it. I use to store my pictures but can't seem to post those pictures over here. Is there some anti-competition clause I am missing or something? What am I doing wrong?