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  1. Mac1780

    LTS Explosive 13’6” #9 Price Reduced NOW SOLD

    LTS 13’6” Explosive #9, 4 piece in Excellent condition. £300 inc Insured postage to UK mainland. Photos can be sent by email if requested.
  2. Mac1780

    RIO AFS #9/10 Now Sold

    As above line now sold
  3. Mac1780

    RIO AFS #10/11 Scandi Shooting Head Now SOLD

    As Above. line now SOLD
  4. Mac1780

    Guideline Power Taper #9/10 F/H/ S1

    Guideline Power Taper Scandi line #9/10. F/H/S1 36 grams. 555 grains. test cast only. £35 posted
  5. Mac1780

    RIO AFS Scandi #10/11

    RIO AFS Scandi Shooting Head #10/11 floating line test cast only. 42 gram. 640 grain. £30 posted.
  6. Mac1780

    RIO AFS Scandi #9/10

    RIO AFS Scandi #9/10 test cast only. £30 posted.
  7. Mac1780

    Simms Vapor Wading Boots UK size 10

    Simms Vapor Wading boots UK size 10, vibram sole. Only worn a couple of times so excellent condition. Very lightweight but solid boots. £75 posted. SOLD
  8. Mac1780

    Vac Rac Rod Holder set

    Vac Rac lockable suction Rod holder set, excellent condition. These are the lockable Loc Rac carrier as shown in the attached Link. Loc Rac — Vac-Rac Fishing Rod Racks for Vehicles £35 posted. SOLD
  9. Mac1780

    15’ Bloke Trebuchet #10/11 wt Salmon Rod

    Selling a 15’ Bloke Trebuchet #10/11 wt Salmon fly rod. This is the 4 piece SpeyMaster rod. Test cast only so in pristine condition, complete with rod bag and rigid case Bloke Fly Rods - The Heart and Soul of Fly Fishing £85 posted.
  10. Mac1780

    A few lines for sale

    RIO Skagit Max Long Shooting Head 750 grain. Used once so in perfect condition. £35 posted. SOLD MacKenzie DTX Shooting Head, Float/Int tip 44gm for 10/11 wt. Perfect condition. £20 posted. MacKenzie DTX Shooting Head, Float. 44gm for 10/11 wt. Again in perfect condition. £20 posted. All...
  11. Mac1780

    LTS Explosive 12' 6" #8wt

    I am looking for a LTS Explosive 12'6" #8 wt if anyone has one available.
  12. Mac1780

    MacKenzie DTX 15'. 10wt Fly Rod

    Looking to sell my Mackenzie DTX 15' #10 wt Fly rod. It has been sparingly used and is in almost pristine condition. I have never taped the joints on this rod, only used candle wax so no marks on the blank around the joints. Complete with rod bag and the Scott Mackenzie rod tube in Burgundy...
  13. Mac1780

    Simms G4Z front zip Gore Tex waders size L

    No longer for sale.
  14. Mac1780

    River Dochart advice

    3 of us have been invited to fish some stretches of the River Dochart next week, by a farmer friend who owns stretches to the west of Killin. Obviously, it is a spate river and current levels are low but looking for advice in these current conditions. Happy to fish for trout if it is too low for...
  15. Mac1780

    A Willie Gunn captures the Golden Trevally in Mauritius

    Spent an interesting early morning session on the reef in Mauritius today using the usual poppers and muppets for Golden Trevally, absolutely nothing which was unusual as I have had many this past week to a couple of pounds, so in the bottom of my waist bag I found a 1/2" brass tube Willie Gunn...
  16. Mac1780

    Tuna in Mauritius today

    Something different from Salmon, but a fantastic day Big Game fishing in Mauritius, ended up with 6 Tuna, Yellowfin and Skipjack, not big in size but fantastic fighting fish. Lost my first one when it was taken by a Dugong, so at this stage I was fighting a 300lb thief, on the light tackle I had...
  17. Mac1780

    Men's Patagonia Lightweight Down Jacket Size XL

    For sale is a gents Patagonia lightweight down jacket size XL in excellent condition in Teal Blue colour. Only selling as it is slightly too big for me and hence I am not benefitting from a close fit which retains heat better. £85 posted. Payment by PayPal gift.
  18. Mac1780

    MacKenzie DTX 15' #10 wt

    Looking to swap my MacKenzie DTX 15' #10 wt for a rod in the 12' 6" -13' (#8wt) range of similar quality. The rod is in pristine condition and if the right rod is available I will consider throwing in the matching Mackenzie shooting head.
  19. Mac1780

    RIO Skagit Shooting Head and MOW Tip

    RIO Skagit Shooting Head. 600 Grains, only used a couple of times. £30 posted. RIO Skagit Heavy MOW Tip 1 X Heavy 10' Float £10 posted.