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  1. lax0341

    Recommend a Reel

    I would opt also for the old Orvis Battenkill Disc Drag. This is a very strong reel which won‘t let you down.
  2. lax0341

    How many days a year are people fishing and where?

    I used to fish between 3 and 5 weeks for salmon and seatrout in Scotland, NE England, Ireland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. In addition I fish for trout , grayling, pikeperch and some other species between 1 and 3 days ( 4 to 6 hours ) per week in Germany. But nowadays my salmon and seatrout...
  3. lax0341

    Danube Salmon

    There‘s a guy in Munich, Dr. Sebastian Hanfland, the managing director of the bavarian fisheries organization, „Bayerischer Fischereiverband e.V. “ . He knows everything about the Huchen and has caught a lot of them, also very huge ones.
  4. lax0341

    Drams for the salmon fishing!!

    I‘ve had some very interesting distillery trips. Met the owner of Edradour for instance. But some distilleries are still on the cards. :cool:
  5. lax0341

    Birthday present

    Fortland could be good end of July and August
  6. lax0341

    Birthday present

    What do you think of some days fishing together with him on Delphi or the Erriff and staying at the lodge? A friend of mine got 3 days salmon fishing and staying at the lodge as a birthday present of his son and daughter in law when he had his 55th anniversary.
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    If possible I‘d like to fish the rivers Wear, Coquet and North Tyne in Northern England as well as the Whiteadder and Ettrick , maybe the Tweed, in Scotland.
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    Hope so as well for my ( apart from 2020 ) annual salmon fishing pilgrimage in October.
  9. lax0341

    River Eden / border Esk catch info wanted

    Just have a look in the Eden 2021 thread. :cool:
  10. lax0341

    When I Still Bought Trout & Salmon Magazine

    I‘ve got still the plastic flybox for the tubes in use which I once get from T&S as a present.
  11. lax0341

    Showing fish

    Some very experienced salmon anglers which where travelled all over the world told me once that there are rivers where the salmon show themselves quite often and others where they do this very seldom. They told me also that salmon they are head and tailing are often fresh traveling fish which...
  12. lax0341

    Hardy 14 ft

    These are both really good rods. I fish the Hardy Gem Mk2 14ft and like it very much. The MK1 is a little bit softer in the action but also a very nice rod. I fish the 13ft of it.
  13. lax0341

    Day ticket for the moy

    I‘m not sure. Maybe it‘s a bit less now, especially in the spring months.
  14. lax0341

    How to Carry Scandinavian Patterns

    Hold them in some steam of a tea kettle. They will reshape itself very quick.
  15. lax0341

    Backing amount and type help?

    I‘ve seen today that there‘s some Orvis 30lb backing in my storing box. Tomorrow I‘ll take that on one of my reels.
  16. lax0341

    Reel for oracle switch 7/8.

    Danielsson or ATH .
  17. lax0341

    Border Esk

    Does anyone know the Longwood beat ?
  18. lax0341

    Backing amount and type help?

    In one occasion on the Gaula in Norway I had out also nearly 100yards of backing but I lost the fish later after an epic battle in a waterfall. :cry: :oops:
  19. lax0341

    Day ticket for the moy

    Nearly 8000.
  20. lax0341

    Backing amount and type help?

    I was happy to have some backing on my reel on some occasions. But very seldom I needed more then 20 meters ( 22 yards ) of it.