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    Here is a simple tube from today...tied on a 1cm US tube for a bit of weight....bucktail and fox wing, flash and thread hotspot head. Thnx for looking!
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    Slimmer dressing on skittle tube

    Here is a slimmer dressing in steelhead colours tied on a skittle tube....I don’t see a lot of people using skittle tubes but I think they are excellent for fishing. Thanks for looking and have a great weekend Serge
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    LeCie 1378/9 3 piece model

    I recently purchased this rod and I am hoping to get some insight into lines it likes. I am looking to fish a Scandi head....any insight would be much appreciated. Thank you!
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    Quick morning tie

    Here is a quick tie from this morning.....Scandi tube in steelhead colours tied on a 1cm brass US tube. Nothing fancy but a good ‘fishing’ fly. Thanks for looking! Serge
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    Brass bottle frances

    Finally got to use my new HMH adaptor and I have to say I’m a big fan.....makes tying on the bottles and brass tubes easier. No more spinning of the tubes! Thanks for looking and have a great weekend
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    Question about Eumer cones

    Hello, Does anyone use Eumer coneheads for small size tube liners with 1.8mm tubing? Will it work? I think Eumer small tube liner is 2.0mm? Please share any insights! Thanks Serge
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    First crack at the Frances

    I really like this fly and here is my first crack at it. I had some trouble with the yarn slipping as I tied , slipped forward a there a particular type of yarn that you prefer?I used cheap 100% acrylic 3 ply yarn... Or is it a tension issue? Room for improvement but I think it’ll...
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    14'8" 10/11 Le Cie 3 piece

    I have an opportunity to purchase a 14"8 10/11 Le Cie 3 piece rod....The seller doesn't know if its the fast or med fast version. I think there is also a third (UK?) version. Is there any way to tell without using the rod? Also any feedback on this rod, good or bad? Thnx in advance
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    Improved method for utilizing brass tubes in Scandis

    Hello, Here is my method for using brass tubes for Scandi tubes. It allows me to tie on the brass tube, keeping the fly very strong while achieving a small head.... I file down the brass tube to a 45 degree angle with a metal file. This is similar to cutting the 3mm outer tube at a angle. The...
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    Original temple dog

    Recent tie from a continued cold spell....minus 40deg C with windchill just not much else to do. Thanks for looking!
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    Tube adaptor for bottle tubes

    I want to tie a GBWG on a bottle tube or copper tube. What tube adaptors do you guys use for this? Specifically, I would like to secure the tube and have one free so that I can spin the bucktail nicely right at the other end of the bottle tube. I usually tie my Scandi tubes on a Frodin needle...
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    Smaller sized tube in steelhead colours

    Who else likes downsizing fly size in pressured water? I’m a fan! This size (4cm wing) has done well for me on the mainstem Skeena. have a great weekend!
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    Steelhead - Scandi style

    Here is a larger Scandi tube in steelhead colours with full Nayat wing. Thanks for looking and have a great weekend.
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    Free swinging single

    Hello, I am not 100% sure this is the right forum for this question but bear with me I’m a noob here... Here it is: who here fishes their free swinging tube flies with a single hook? Do you have any tips you would like to share as to how you go about so doing so? I have fished some frodin...
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    Scandi line for Vision Tool 11’6” 5 weight

    Hello I am wondering if anyone has experience with this rod and lines it likes. It is rated for 400 grain skagit but that seems a bit high to me. I am looking to Touch and Go / underhand casting with this set up and was interested in multi density Scandi sink lines. I was considering the...
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    Recent tie

    Hello, New member here from Calgary Canada. Looking forward to contributing more here. I like tying Scandi tubes for trout and steelhead. cheers!