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    International Womens Day

    Happy day to all international women ! :)
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    Be careful about your background when on a Zoom meeting .....

    Apologies for the paper referred to but it gves a good warning about what can happen in virtual meetings. Have to feel sorry for Yvette ..... !!
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    Holiday idea .....

    Want to jump on a plane but worried about the quarantine and risks ? This could be a solution .......
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    Great to see England get a win in Sri Lanka and Root at last posting a big score. Much more impressive though was India's series win in Australia, sealed at the Gabbatoir on the last day despite missing some key bowlers. The Aussies hadn't lost a test match there since 1988 ! I've been...
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    Your best day's salmon fishing

    What is your best/most memorable day in salmon fishing ? Not necessarily the most fish that you have caught in a day, it could be a combination of fish caught and lost, your first fish, the beat and water you are fishing, great company e.t.c. For me, it is probably the day I caught my first...
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    Ribble 2021

    I guess we need to start a new thread for the 2021 season so here goes. Good luck to all venturing out this year - hopefully sooner rather than later.
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    Your biggest mistakes in salmon fishing

    As the year draws to a close, I was idly reflecting on my many mistakes in salmon fishing over the years so here is a thread about just that. So here goes. 1. Not taking enough notice of what successful salmon anglers, beat owners, ghillies etc were sayng or doing, particularly when I was...
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    How did you get into fishing ?

    As per the title, what made you fisrt start to fish and what sort of fishing was it ? For me, it was my father's love of fishing. I quickly caught the bug. Although I started fly fishing at an early age, I also used to enjoy fishing a worm for trout in the small becks near our house from the...
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    Plans for 2021

    With the announcements about the success of the various Covid vaccines, I am feeling quite optimistic about life returning to (fairly) normal in 2021. I have now booked quite a few events from June 2021 onwards (theatre, concert, sports events) and am planning to book a large cottage for my...
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    Around Malham

    Managed to get out for a nice walk in sunny but cool weather taking in Malham Cove, Malham Tarn, Goredale Scar and Janets Foss. A few pics attached.
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    A few from the Dee

    A late opportunity arose to fish on the Dee for a few days last week. First time salmon fishing since last October. Plenty of fish about but never really switched on. Mainly small fresh grilse but one decent size fish. A few seatrout as well. Been hearing about amazing catches on the lower Spey.
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    Glad to see cricket back and highlights on free TV. Poor Test match by England, batting collapse from 249/4 to 313 all out in the second innings and then several dropped/missed catches and an easy run out missed in the WI second innings. Hard when players are rusty but West Indies looked better...
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    Who is going to the pub tomorrow ?

    Pubs and restaurants opening in England tomorrow. Anyone going out to eat or drink ? I am probably going to give it a little while yet ....
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    Salmon on dry fly

    Another diversion ..... Atlantic Salmon Dry Fly Fantasy | Arluk Outfitters Newfoundland - YouTube
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    NZ Trout fishing

    Stumbled across in an idle moment, really must get back to work now ..... Fishing The BEST Trout water I have ever seen! - YouTube
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    Fury v Wilder 2

    The now obligatory trash talking (aka marketing) is over now, the fight itself soon to commence. I hope Fury wins but I have a feeling that Wilder will land one of his bombs before the last round and win by KO. I also wonder if Fury won't be quite as focussed or prepared after his wrestling...
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    Canada Trip

    Recently back from a 2 week trip to Canada. Starting in Calgary, through Canmore, Banff, Jasper, Mount Robson, Valemount, Kamloops, Whistler, Vancouver, Victoria, Tofino, back to Vancouver. Fantastic trip although full on with so much to try to fit in and so much travelling. As one or two...
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    Large Man v Large Fish

    A fairly trashy video (primarily aimed at massaging the egos of the nuscle men) but is does show the power that a large fish has. Strongest Men VS Strongest Fish - YouTube
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    A few pics from a trip to Glencoe a couple of weeks ago. For once, we were blessed with good weather, hardly got wet at all (other than ascending in heat and humidity !) and good views on most munros. Managed to get up 17 munros over the week.
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    Tweed Junction pool

    On the way over from Scotland to Northumberland, decided to stop off at Kelso and took a few pictures of the legendary Junction Pool.