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    The madness continues

    Gary, your collection of fly tying stuff was worth more than the GDP of a small country even before Covid 19! Have to say though, your advice years ago to buy Jungle Cock capes as a hedge against inflation was spot on - pity I didn’t buy a few (thousand) more!
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    Danielsson for 14’6” Hardy Zephrus

    Thinking of buying another Danielsson, but have never bought one direct from the factory before. Did you pay the duty at their end or get it sent duty free?
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    Danielsson F3W 7Ten RHW

    Looking for a good condition one of the above. MUST be rhw. If you have one you’re prepared to part with; send me a PM.
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    Bent handle

    So, after all the above, you sold the rod? FFS!
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    Bent handle

    I think the phrase “almost certainly” covers this. Maybe buying a rod with a bent handle shows a willingness to make some changes in casting technique; maybe it doesn‘t. One further thought for rodbender; personally I tend to use the recommended line weights on Zpey and Salmologic rods as very...
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    Bent handle

    Using a bent handled rod will almost certainly make you a better caster (unless of course you’re an expert already) because it will show you the value of using your bottom hand more actively. Even if you subsequently revert back to using rods with a straight handle ( or you have a mix of bent &...
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    Wader Studs.

    Recently converted my felt soled boots to the new Supertrack 1605 studs which are specially designed for felt soles. Easy to fit with the special tool and superb levels of grip on moss covered rocks. Have tried Koldcutters and various other steel studs but I found all of them only work when...
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    Greetings from Vancouver Island

    Welcome to the SFF, Gunny. Visited Vancouver Island a few years ago and spent a few days travelling around, based at Black Rock Resort near Tofino. Loved the Island and especially the west coast - what a great place to live! Heard there was some fishing on the island for steelhead and Pacific...
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    John Norris - poor service!

    Have always been a fan of JN, apart from their somewhat excessive postage costs. However a recent order has changed my views somewhat. On 15 September I ordered some polyleaders and a couple of shooting head wallets. Based on their delivery descriptions I opted for £6.95 postage (multiple...
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    Greys GR70 14ft 6in 6-piece #9 travel rod

    Anyone have one of these or tried it? Hoping it's a genuine #9, so good with (say) a Rio AFS 9/10. Limited experience of Greys travel rods - I've had 2, the 13ft Missionary (love it) and the 15ft Missionary (cr*p!). Suspect the GR70 will be a bit faster than either, but I want it for shooting...
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    Salmologic Skyborn Straight Handle

    Anyone have one of the above to sell which will fit a 13ft 7in Skyborn? Have used both Zpey HMSs and Skyborns with bent handles for some years but just want to try a straight handle to see if I can make it work!
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    3 from the Tweed last week

    Proof, if it was needed, that being in the right place at the right time is the key to catching fish. These 3 were caught during a 3-day visit to Upper Hendersyde at the end of last week. the guy holding the fish is the ghillie, Robert Jewels. Been a long time since I had 3 in 3 days in March!
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    Tube doubles

    Off next week to hunt for monsters in Norway. Anybody have any Loop or Ken Sawada XD1 tube doubles in size 2 they are prepared to part with?
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    700 - 750grain Skagit head

    Looking for one of the above for a Norway trip. Drop me a PM if you have something suitable.
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    Salmon runs failing in New Zealand

    Just received the following from NZ Fish & Game. I know its not Atlantic Salmon, but the situation it describes mirrors all too well what we are finding in the UK Turning the Tide The salmon need you! Fish & Game is organising a two-day symposium, Turning the Tide, to discuss the South...
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    Sharpes 12ft Spliced cane salmon fly rod

    Recently bought a 13ft which I like but it's a bit heavy for all day use. Would like to try a 12ft as it might be just right for my September trip to the North Esk. Send me a PM if you have one you are prepared to part with.
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    Hardy and Loomis Rods

    Have the following for sale 1. Hardy Marksman T2 14ft, 9 weight, 4-piece. Bought a couple of years ago and essentially in unmarked condition - just not getting used. Everything but the stoppers (!) for £250 posted. Would consider a swap for a Mackenzie Atlas 13ft 7in, 6-piece in similar...
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    Zpey, Guideline Shooting Heads

    Have the following for sale Zpey Fusion 1/2/3 34g Bought from another Forum member but not used. Very good condition - loops have no signs of wear. SOLD Guideline Triple Density 11/12 weight, F/I/2 cut to 41g. Again bought from another Forum member but not used by me - sold the rod I...
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    Zpey Fusion 0/1/2 34g Shooting Head

    I have one of the above which I would like to swap for either a Zpey Fusion 0/0/1 34g or 1/2/3 37g head. The 0/1/2 line was purchased from another Forum member and appears virtually unused as the loops are in great condition. Alternatively, if you have either of the above 2 lines and would be...
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    Orvis reels - excellent service

    I have a number of Orvis Mirage reels that I bought in the US a few years ago. Very good reels which have always served me well. A couple of weeks ago one started to sound a bit strange indicating that a bearing was on the way out. As the reel is fully sealed and I couldn't investigate further...