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    Broken hardy

    Hey , broke the top section of my hardy marksman spinning rod , can anyone give advice, thanks
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    14 footer

    Hey , I currently have a 13’ with a shooting head set up which works well but would like to try a 14’ to throw a longer line ,thanks
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    Hardy demon and cascapedia

    Brand new hardy demon sintrix 12’9 and hardy cascapedia 8/9 reel pm for details , thanks
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    Hardy demon

    Hey , got a hardy demon sintrix 12’9 8/9 , some advice on line choice would be great, thanks
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    Hardy sirrus

    Hey , looking for a bit of info on the hardy sirrus double hander if anyone has some thanks
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    Net replacement

    I want to replace the net on a sharpes gye net has anyone got any info on this thanks
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    How do I private message
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    Airflo rage 510g

    As the title says
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    Hey , looking at tying some tube flys for a river I will be fishing over the next couple of months but have no experience with tubes ,I have most materials and a tube fly converter but wasn't sure about what tubes , cones and hooks . The river is medium sized , any help thanks
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    Mild weather

    Is this mild weather better for early season as the salmon will be on the move more or is colder better , thanks
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    Running line

    Hey , after some running line for an 13' 8/9 , thanks
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    Poly leaders

    Hey , I am doing some night fishing and am experimenting with depth, I was thinking join two 5ft polyleaders to a floating line , a fast sink first and a extra fast sink on the end , could this create a imbalance an not cast properly, I am using a switch rod so will be doing a roll cast , thanks
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    Hey , I am about to purchase a scandi head and am not sure to go for a 520 gr or a 580 gr , it will have to suit a 13' 8/9 , thanks Shane
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    Rio afs 9/10 f head

    Hey , after the above
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    Oracle 13' 10/11

    Hey , a mate purchased one of these and wasn't sure if you can this weight in this length of rod and if you can what is the best type of line to match , thanks
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    Guideline reach

    Hey , I am after a guideline reach in the 14.8 model , thanks
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    may fish

    [fish i got last year on the mourne ATTACH]9413[/ATTACH]
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    Damp crouch

    Wader repair Hey , how do I contact diver Dave , thanks
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    Hello , how do I post a picture on the forum , thanks
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    Hey , I am after a 9/10 reel ,thanks