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    West coast of Scotland holidays

    Hi, hoping some kind members north of the border can help with information.... My missus usually goes for beach holidays but this year with Covid (already had our hols cancelled) and a new member of the family in our little pup Lola, we are looking to holiday on the west coast of Scotland for 7...
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    Best Salmon Weasel stories

    Just finished reading Terminal Chancer. Very good, definitely recommend it. Obviously without putting your jobs or relationships at risk, post your best Salmon Weasel stories here. If you want to know what a Salmon Weasel story is, buy the aforementioned book:-) Story 1. River was absolutely...
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    The moment you realise you're a fisherman above all else

    I'm a fisherman and a bit of an ecomentalist as some may have observed. Watching the beeb this morning, there was a story on Amazon dolphins being caught to use for bait for catching catfish. My first thoughts were "wow, how big are those @#&!! catfish" and "I wonder if they do guided fishing...
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    Merry Christmas

    All the best to everyone!
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    Tyne Anglers Syndicate

    I'm a member, received this email and thought I'd share it for anyone interested in joining. COME AND JOIN US by davecarrickryton Tyneside Anglers Syndicate is welcoming new members for the forthcoming 2020 season. We offer some very good fishing on prime Northern rivers which include: Tyne and...
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    Your river

    Inspired by FaughanPurple's great post, what is it about your river that brings you back to the riverbank and gives you that feeling that you just "belong".
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    Wear at it's best

    Sorry, I'll re-post later. All the attachments screwed up when I stupidly clicked "manage attachments" thinking it would enable me to manage attachments without destroying all those I painstakingly added to my post.
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    Inspired by this month's TOTM (visit the thread), I've never fished droppers for salmon or sea trout because my experience has been one of spending more time trying to unpick tangles than actually wetting flies. I am looking for advice on what knots to tie, errors to avoid, favourite...
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    Guardians of the countryside????

    Some photographs from just a few days out walking on the River Wear. All photos are from the last 6 months and are from ~6 days out on the river. This is just the tip of the iceberg. There's a guy on the river nearly every day who has cleared well over 2000 large sacks of plastic over the last...
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    wake fly tying instructions

    Hi, I promised to post this. I finally have some time on my laptop so here goes... I've caught quite a few on this fly. I first tried it when I noticed I would catch most fish at the start of my run, when the plastic tube fly is dry is making a wake in the first few casts, or on fast glides...
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    Bearwalker of the North Woods

    Well worth a watch if you get the time. Should be on BBC iPlayer.
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    Tidy up

    I've been doing a lot of walking and casting practise this week but at least I've had chance to do a bit of tidying up. The first photo is ~1/4 of a trampoline frame retrieved from the middle of the river. Most of the rest of the trampoline has been retrieved from the river by others but ~1/2...
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    North East river names

    Found this interesting article with detail about river name origins in the north east of England. It also explains why I'm surrounded by both becks and burns and why we have a Bedburn Beck. Rivers, becks, burns and linns : What’s in a (North East) Place-Name? - England's North East
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    Coloured salmon

    I don't have a strong opinion either way on this but I'm really interested to hear opinions and discussions from all on here. Many years ago when we killed everything we caught, I could understand the desire to catch bright silver salmon fresh from the sea. They were definitely the best eating...
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    When do salmon start to colour up?

    Is fresh water the only stimulus or would the fish colour up in saltwater if they arrived at the coast a couple of months ago but didn't enter the river? Would they colour up if they enter the estuary but don't run into the river? I'm asking because of the unique conditions this year where...
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    All at sea

    Where does the phrase "all at sea" originate? I'll explain why I ask. Before about 18 months ago I didn't know SFF existed. The first time I ever heard "all at sea" was on SFF so I looked elsewhere to try to find researchers who make the same claims and I couldn't find any. I still can't and...
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    Fishing near Alton Towers

    Hi, can anyone recommend any day ticket stillwater or river fly fishing near Alton Towers?
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    Tyne salmon

    Not a great photo but managed to get a snap while it was recovering. I estimated ~8lb. Caught on spinner yesterday, lower river, middle of the day, 28 degrees, bright sunshine. Thank the Lord for Kielder releases and sun cream. The puncture wound was interesting. there is a small hole the side...
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    High river water temperatures and C&R

    With low water and high temperatures, what are folks thoughts on continuing fishing, especially where there is CCR? I personally don't mind if I intend to kill my catch but what is the impact for released fish in these conditions especially as this could easily continue into late summer?
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    Salmon Farming and whaling

    I watched a good documentary a few days ago about the whaling industry. 1.6million whales slaughtered in the last 30-40 yrs of the whaling industry. Blue whale populations went from 350,000 to 5000 in the Antarctic ocean before whaling was stopped. The documentary was on BBC4. Two episodes. I...