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    Danielsson F3W 7Ten RHW

    Looking for a good condition one of the above. MUST be rhw. If you have one you’re prepared to part with; send me a PM.
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    John Norris - poor service!

    Have always been a fan of JN, apart from their somewhat excessive postage costs. However a recent order has changed my views somewhat. On 15 September I ordered some polyleaders and a couple of shooting head wallets. Based on their delivery descriptions I opted for £6.95 postage (multiple...
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    Greys GR70 14ft 6in 6-piece #9 travel rod

    Anyone have one of these or tried it? Hoping it's a genuine #9, so good with (say) a Rio AFS 9/10. Limited experience of Greys travel rods - I've had 2, the 13ft Missionary (love it) and the 15ft Missionary (cr*p!). Suspect the GR70 will be a bit faster than either, but I want it for shooting...
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    Salmologic Skyborn Straight Handle

    Anyone have one of the above to sell which will fit a 13ft 7in Skyborn? Have used both Zpey HMSs and Skyborns with bent handles for some years but just want to try a straight handle to see if I can make it work!
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    3 from the Tweed last week

    Proof, if it was needed, that being in the right place at the right time is the key to catching fish. These 3 were caught during a 3-day visit to Upper Hendersyde at the end of last week. the guy holding the fish is the ghillie, Robert Jewels. Been a long time since I had 3 in 3 days in March!
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    Tube doubles

    Off next week to hunt for monsters in Norway. Anybody have any Loop or Ken Sawada XD1 tube doubles in size 2 they are prepared to part with?
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    700 - 750grain Skagit head

    Looking for one of the above for a Norway trip. Drop me a PM if you have something suitable.
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    Salmon runs failing in New Zealand

    Just received the following from NZ Fish & Game. I know its not Atlantic Salmon, but the situation it describes mirrors all too well what we are finding in the UK Turning the Tide The salmon need you! Fish & Game is organising a two-day symposium, Turning the Tide, to discuss the South...
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    Sharpes 12ft Spliced cane salmon fly rod

    Recently bought a 13ft which I like but it's a bit heavy for all day use. Would like to try a 12ft as it might be just right for my September trip to the North Esk. Send me a PM if you have one you are prepared to part with.
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    Hardy and Loomis Rods

    Have the following for sale 1. Hardy Marksman T2 14ft, 9 weight, 4-piece. Bought a couple of years ago and essentially in unmarked condition - just not getting used. Everything but the stoppers (!) for £250 posted. Would consider a swap for a Mackenzie Atlas 13ft 7in, 6-piece in similar...
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    Zpey, Guideline Shooting Heads

    Have the following for sale Zpey Fusion 1/2/3 34g Bought from another Forum member but not used. Very good condition - loops have no signs of wear. SOLD Guideline Triple Density 11/12 weight, F/I/2 cut to 41g. Again bought from another Forum member but not used by me - sold the rod I...
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    Zpey Fusion 0/1/2 34g Shooting Head

    I have one of the above which I would like to swap for either a Zpey Fusion 0/0/1 34g or 1/2/3 37g head. The 0/1/2 line was purchased from another Forum member and appears virtually unused as the loops are in great condition. Alternatively, if you have either of the above 2 lines and would be...
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    Orvis reels - excellent service

    I have a number of Orvis Mirage reels that I bought in the US a few years ago. Very good reels which have always served me well. A couple of weeks ago one started to sound a bit strange indicating that a bearing was on the way out. As the reel is fully sealed and I couldn't investigate further...
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    Chasing Silver magazine - back copies

    I'm looking for a number of these in hard copy. If you're a subscriber or just have some you're prepared to part with, let me know and I'll tell you the issues I'm interested in. Bf
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    Guideline 13ft 9in LXI 8/9 T Pac (6-piece)

    Anyone have this rod? I'm looking to throw 36-38g shooting heads and 550grain Skagits and I need a rod that will bridge the gap between my Loop Power Spey 14ft - which is great with 40g and my Greys Missionary 13ft, which is a true #8 weight and is happiest with 34g. What lines are you using on it?
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    Henriks Arctic Shadow and Gaspe Shadow

    Anybody have the dressings for either of the above flies - as shown on the Salmologic website? In particular I am keen to know if the Gaspe Shadow is tied with a fully synthetic wing, as the commentary suggests that the fly does not absorb water. Bf
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    Zpey Fusion II 37g 1/2/3 Shooting Head

    Anyone have one of these they are prepared to part with? Must be in good condition with good loops. Bf
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    MacKenzie 13ft 7in Atlas #9, 6-piece

    Anyone have one of these they are prepared to part with?
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    Zpey Fusion II 37g shooting heads

    Anybody have the above in 1/2/3 and/or 3/4/5 that they would be willing to part with?
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    Orvis Helios 2 Switch Rod

    I have for sale an Orvis Helios 2 Switch rod for sale. It is the 11ft, 8-weight, 4-piece and has only been used for about 3 days on a trip last year. As such it is in superb condition, with no marks, scratches etc. and a nice clean handle. The rod comes with the original bag and tube. In...