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    Spinning Reel For Heavy Spinning

    What are the best fixed spool rools for spinning? I know multipliers are great but never used them.So want to stick to fixed spool Have a baitrunner(i know their not made for it) but its knackered after 2 seasons! Use mostly doms on the heavy side 25,30 g, whats reliable? Thanks lads
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    Hardy 55 pey line 10

    Hardy 55 spey line 10 Hi there, any you guys used a hardy 55 spey line? are they any good? using it with a 15ft sirrus 10
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    Shuddering Baitrunner

    any you lads experience your baitrunner shuddering when your spinning. comes and goes u cud be spinning for hours and then it starts up again:( it's the silver 1 i got any ideas how to sort that?it's annoyin as anything