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    Santa got busted

    YouTube- Santa gets busted
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    Top Gear

    Went in to put on top gear and the missus had the remote and put on I’m a celebrity. :mad:Disgusted until I saw Samantha Fox all is forgiven proper Essex bird. :)
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    The Tyne revival

    Is their any specific body that I could contact about the restoration and hatchery practices that were used to bring the Tyne back as one of the prime salmon rivers in England. I’m looking from information on how it was achieved.
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    The nosiest fly reel

    Looking for a good noisy fly reel for next year any suggestions on one.
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    Do you feel they are destroying the sport.

    Have the fisheries boards criminalised the recreational sport of salmon fishing with there bylaws on hooks,barbs and salmon quotas.
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    Man Drawer

    Best bit of standup i have seen in a long time YouTube - The man drawer-we all have one-amazing 5min stand up
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    Dry fly take

    A friend of mine sent me this what a take YouTube - atlantic salmon
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    Book reviews

    There are a lot of books out there on game fishing. Was just wondering which books are highly rated by anglers and which are no so highly regarded. It is a broad area so categories them under the following headings: River Salmon Fly tying Casting Lake salmon Sea trout Trout both lake and river...