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    Salmologic leaders

    can anyone tell me where l can buy Salmologic leaders from in the UK please
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    Epsilon 6/9reel

    Im looking for a zpey Epsilon 6/9.anyone have one they don't want
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    Getting the balance right

    I've been watching allot of salmon fishing on Utube recently,Scotland in particular! from where l'm sitting it looks like allot of the fish caught have got into the river systems by the skin of there teeth, Predators and nets leaving marks all over the fish, dorsal fins missing.But when l...
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    werz all the fish ?

    A friend of mine phoned me this morning from the border region!He tells me that his horse is running at Catterick today.So while l had the chance l asked him what the river liddel was like? had he seen many fish? he tells me its looking grim as he has'nt seen a kelt up to now. Another friend...
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    Catch return

    l got a letter this morning from the E A.asking me to fill in the form for my catch return for 2014. l have already filled this form in when they sent me an Email asking me for the same in October.seems to me they have a bit of money to waste on postal that is why l pay £72 a year!
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    Anyone watch river monsters on TV last night,fly fishing for tarpon sat in an inflatable boat.most exciting bit of fishing on TV for a long time.the fish weighed around 100lb. awsome .
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    Spital fly

    Hi guys!just been reading the latest catches on the river Annan. Early august a guy caught a salmon on a Spital fly,is ther anyone on the forum any knowledge of this fly as its new to me.
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    glasgow angling,

    Just had an Email from a buddy of mine!Have a look in Glasgow Angling Mega Store for Scierra Tactical Running Line £19.99 Dia 0.023 inches 30mtrs no stretch Kevlar 30lbs breaking strain,do'nt know if its of any interest to anyone on the forum.
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    Evening on river ribble

    Evening on river Ribble couple of minutes of sunshine before a shower.Lancsflyman fishing below me sunday 11th aug 13
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    boundries,single bank.

    Walking the banking yesterday evening with a fishing buddy,we came to a spot were there was an Island about 100yrds long, there was flow on either side.On our side the water was knee deep,the main current was on the far side and looked good fly water,l asked my friend what he thought about rules...
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    cracking fly off

    While waiting for the rain to arrive a friend and myself decided to have a trip to the river were we fish and repair a stile,we took our rods with us and after completing the stile we set up our rods and waited for darkness to fall. I made my leader 8ft long 12lb line and added a 2 ft length of...
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    Rod joint tape

    I'm about to purchase some tape for my rod joints which l've been putting off for some time,before l do can anyone give me any info on this subject.I have tried electricians tape its not easy to get off and takes some varnish off the rod.
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    Loop ad photo

    The picture showing a guy playing a fish,notice were his left hand is on the this good practice?and is their more chance of the rod breaking?
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    Outbound line

    l have in my possession a Rio outbound with the intermediate head cut off,is it possible to make this a changeable head with loop connections?anyone tried it? has it worked? Is it as simple as cutting another line and making it the same weight as the head that's been cut off...
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    Steve from St Helens

    Helo everyone,call me ste l've been fly fishing for 30 yrs or so,fished the river annan, liddel and the ribble also do a bit of caravaning and l have recently retired from my job after 40 yrs.l also like to do my own jobs in the house so l have plenty of time on my hands now to do everything.