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    Getting a day on it in early August, conditions permitting. Totally unfamiliar with the water. Anyone have any tips/experience? Beat 8, 5 etc? Selection of flies etc? Any advice appreciated!! I was going to fish it with a 9 1/2 footer, floating, shrimp flies and various others, possibly smaller...
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    Line for Thomas & Thomas 14ft #10

    Line for Thomas & Thomas 14ft #10 I was wondering could anyone help me. I have a Thomas and Thomas 14ft 10 weight which I've been using a 10 weight Scandi versitip with. I was thinking of moving up to the 11 weight versitip as I think the line could load better. However I'm getting used to the...
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    Loop 11ft #7 Switch Rod

    Looking for this rod. Please PM me if you are selling thanks.
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    Hardy Zane No. 2 Reel

    Need a Hardy Zane No. 2 in excellent condition with a spare spool if possible. Thanks
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    Switch Rods Etc

    So I'm thinking of getting a switch rod.. I'm still mastering the Spey.. I was thinking a 10 or 11 ft would cover most Irish rivers. What switch rods would you rate? Makes, lengths etc? Also what lines would you recommend. I hear Rio and Air Flo are the best? So floating line, intermediate...
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    Salmo Salar sent u an email

    Cheers T
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    Anyone with any up to date info on the river Eske?

    I've been looking through the forum and on the net but there doesn't seem to be any up to date information on the river Eske. Seems to be google proof lol. I'm staying in a local hotel in the last week in March and I was wanting to give the river a go for a day. All it says on the net is that...
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    Glen River?

    Hi, has there been much happening on the river? I'm due to fish it next week, Cheers
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    List of Largest 35 lb+ Irish Salmon ever caught/found (Not in Fred Buller's)Books

    A list of the largest Irish salmon over 30lbs ever caught/found I thought I'd put up a list of the largest Irish salmon I've researched online or in print ** the vast majority of these fish are not documented in Fred Buller's Books on Salmon**. I'm posting this as there is a massive wealth...
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    Smaller Rivers - Flurry, Cooley

    Hi, my first post here! I'm just wondering has anyone fished these 2 rivers - the Cooley and the Flurry in Louth and do they get a run of Salmon at all? I can't find much info on them anywhere. I read the Flurry is closed at the minute. I used to fish it about 20 years ago when I was a a kid...