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    Barbel burble

    I wasnt sure which heading to put this post into I have never caught or even seen a barbel but I can fish a stretch of the Wear which I gather has some good ones in it.They seem pretty impressive fish. Anyone know anything about these fish? Youtube suggests 'Feeder ledgering' is the way to go. I...
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    Fishing holiday exchanges

    Does anyone know of a website/whatever where one can exchange holiday homes/home swaps with either fishing or ready access to fishing?- I am thinking personally of Northern USA but it seems to me if there is no such site then there ought to be Tried searching on this Forum but nothing came up I...
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    Turned out nice again

    I don't know if its only me but the national standard of weather forecasting appears to be laughably poor I usually used the BBC and so assumed that the recent pitiful level of accuracy was due to their having sacked off the Met Office; accordingly I started looking at the Met Office website...
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    Sound advice

    Some sound advice for anyone thinking of investing this Christmas-
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    Lovely solid leather cartridge bag

    Selling this for a mate (Also Forum member) who bought it a few years ago from the Sealand shooting school near Chester; it has had very little use. Brown leather; c 8" deep/9" wide /5" deep. Strap itself is 2" wide and adjustable. The leather 'Boss' atop the strap is blank for someone's...
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    Anyone had dealings with Flyman Co?

    Just wondering as prices seem pretty reasonable (I have no connection, by the way) tomj
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    Worst fishing experience?

    Moving on from old red shrimps entertaining post, what is the worst place you have fished, and why?
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    Pots and kettles?

    Maybe everyone else is aware of this-I was not; ''Shetland's largest salmon producer has been expelled from the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation (SSPO). The industry body said it had taken the decision to expel Hjaltland Sea Farms because it had been importing smolts from Norway without...
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    Eldest son in the USA-what gear would you buy?

    Eldest resident in the USA for the next couple of months; I used to enjoy buying bits and bobs from BassPro etc but the postage-and then the duty and re -posting charges- took the gilt right off; While he doesn't have endless luggage allowance I think a modest allowance could be made for his...
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    A mini hunt in progress

    our Jack Russell has just sounded off and demanded access to the cupboard under the stairs ; she is clearly on the scent and I hope to be able to report a kill before too long. This could be the way forward if I can deter the antis. tomj
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    Svend Saabye

    About 25 years ago I was invited to Denmark to meet this man, a well known Danish architect and fanatical fisherman; he had written a book called-I think- Lystfiskerliv (In Danish, obviously, of which I know nothing; means 'Life of the fishing lover' I think). I was originally pencilled into...
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    OK so Im a tight wad

    Does anyone have any knowledge of the Brytec Dee reels on Ebay ?; it's said to be a 9/10; all my reels are incredibly old so I feel I need to 'go forward' ; looks a bargain.... tomj
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    Digressing to still water

    Can anyone help me with this; I have a large pond/small lake about -maybe-1/3rd to 1/2 acre; I hade trout in it til the cormorants and the otter polished them off; would like to start again but last summer and now this year already I am having trouble with 'Bindweed'; this horrible stuff forms...
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    Lost angling book-Buggerit Bates

    I have only just noticed this literature section and I wonder if anyone can help me with the title/author of a book I had years ago but which came back to mind only recently; the book dealt with fishing canals etc in-I think-either the Potteries or North- West industrial areas; I remember there...
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    Advice re .22 rimfire scope

    Can I ask for a bit of help; my CZ 'Varmint barrel' currently has a Bushnell scope 3-9x ; I don't know the lens or how old the scope is but I stuck a ruler on the front lens and it looks to be about 15mm; My eye sight is now not the greatest and I need more magnification and lens size I...
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    Record salmon commute?

    I travel regularly to an office in Colwyn Bay. I set off about 200 yards from one salmon river- but since I don't cross it I won't count that one. Then I cross the Seiont, followed by the Ogwen and then the little Aber River; finally I pass UNDER the Conwy.Four salmon rivers in a 30-mile...
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    If its good enough for Falkus...

    Yesterday I rediscovered the entry in Falkus' Sea Trout Fishing that deals with a method of 'cold compressing' sea-trout to simulate smoked salmon. I wonder if anyone has tried it?How did it go? My 10-year old son has caught a few rainbows this year which are in the freezer. I was thinking they...
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    Shooting Head Loop

    Can anyone help me with this? I bought a Cortland 444 shooting head cheap recently and got some Ridge shooting line (I think its 20lb Guideline); the shooting head had a loop at the butt end but it was too big to pass easily through the rings of my dear old Hardy Farnborough. So I cut it off...
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    A first for the Ghillie Gough

    This isn't really a tackle article at all.I've been up the river for the last two nights after sewin. And as ever, whether after trout or sewin I put up Ghillie Goughs on the cast.Last night I took a few school fish and kept two. Lovely evening.Tonight I hooked a very lively one before full...
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    First fish

    My eldest son broke his duck a few weeks back with this fish-just 13 years after his younger brother got his first! Just need to put pesky yougest son-head in picture-onto a fish, and I will have achieved a Nap Hand! New member-best wishes to all tomj