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    Double Taper Salmon Spey Line 10 to 12 SORTED

    Hi, Hopefully somebody has a DT Salmon Spey Line (Floating) in a 10, 11 or 12... I want to see will it help my casting technique as I practice over the winter Fingers crossed Jer SORTED... Thanks for all the replies
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    McLeans Rubber Net Replacement

    Hi, I have a McLeans fixed frame net and want to replace the mesh net with the rubber one Can anybody help tell me what tool I need to loosen the bolts... they are not the hexagonal Allen key but square versions and when I google for a tool I can’t get any satisfactory results Many thanks Ger
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    Guide wrapping at tip of rod

    This is my first rod build. I am just completing the wrapping of the guides on my Bloke 5weight 9ft fly rod... I am struggling with the last 3 guides at the tip of the rod... to keep the guide foot on the rod aligned before I secure it with the tying thread.... i am using some masking tape...
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    Hardy Angel Mk1 v Mk2 Drag

    I bought a Hardy Angel(2) 11/12 Salmon Fly Reel a number of years ago (from a forum member) and am very pleased with it. I recently bought an original “made in Alnwick” version of the same reel, which again I am delighted with. The drag at the lowest setting on the Mark 2 reel is much stiffer...
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    Hardy Angel 10/11 stiff drag

    I bought a used Hardy Angel a couple of years ago to balance my 15ft rod for double handed casting practice. The model was the Angel2. It works fine for what I want Recently i purchased a brand new Made in Alnwick version that was sitting on a shelf... the drag is noticeably looser on the new...
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    Why Loop Classics for sale so often

    Is it me or does there seem to be a steady trickle of Loop Classics appearing on the second hand gear pages The reel looks fantastic... and I would have pushed a button in close season but for this nagging doubt about why owners cash them in... I can understand the (latest greatest lightest...
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    Converting 11/12 Hardy Angel 2 from R to LHW

    Does anybody have any advice on how to switch my recently acquired Hardy Angel to LHW... I can find no instructions at all in the online community... it seems this reel fell through the cracks on all the instructional videos out there! Pretty disappointed to note that I emailed Hardy but...