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    Rods for sale

    15 ft loomis stinger 3 piece. Very good condition. comes with bag and tube. - £200 (big powerful rod that will cast 42-46g shooting heads and also spey lines) 14ft Mackenzie dtx shooting head rod £350 (mint condition bag and tube) 38-42g. 14ft 9/10 Mackenzie original DTX spey rod (Mint...
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    cross s1 13ft lines

    looking for a few lines / spey and shooting head for the cross s1 13 ft. who has 1 and what lines you using? currently i have been using a airflo rage head 550gr and a skagit 550. G
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    rods....mackenzie & diawa

    1 x 15ft Mackenzie DTX original spey rod. ideal for spring fishing.Will cast short belly speys....long bellys and sbooting heads 44g... very good condition. £250. has rod tube and bag 1 x Diawa whisker 11 ft 2 piece spin(new model) been used once since new and immaculate.. £120 (170 new)...
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    The Clyde

    Thinking of fishing mid clyde this season. being a newbie to the river and never fished it, im looking for any info. either on here or via pm. Thanks. Gary.
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    Loop Classic 5-8 vented

    loop classic 5-8 vented model (newer style) immaculate condition. no marks, dings or gravel rash. like new and so is the leather pouch. looking for 265 which includes special recorded postage.
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    Brae water

    Hi, On the brae water beat 3 on the 24th. not having fished here before, I'm after some general info of set up at this time of year. I'm sure ill have more than enough to cover me as per G
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    Another wee fella.

    Caught this a few months back. another good scrap! 15.5lb and took a 1.5" copperass variant i make.
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    Wee Grilse.

    Caught this wee fella on the Orchy on Friday. 5lb and gave a right good scrap for his size! G
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    14ft dtx sh rod.

    as above ... must be mint and unmarked. G
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    South Esk

    Im up in Aberdeen a the moment..... mon-friday, and thinking about driving down to the south for a cast early evening until night for a wee salmon or sea trout. anyone fish the south early evening? is it allowed? ive only ever fished upper kinnaird before, but wouldn't mind having a cast there...
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    loop cross s1....15ft.

    loop cross s1 15 ft. will swap for 14ft dtx sh rod + cash..must be immaculate. sell 500.
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    Loop cross's and classic's ?

    loop cross 15 ft loop cross 12 ft loop classic 58 loop classic 811 gutted to part with these.....but just not got the time to fish..... rods are are reels. no gravel rash. genuine enquirys only please. ?
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    Loop Cross S1 15ft.

    Mint condition , used only a handful of times. unmarked. £600. G
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    an hour to save your life

    What a programme!! Totally overwhelmed at the professionalism and control of all the situations seen tonight!! Would never believe some of the in depth procedures they can do at the roadside / accident scene!! Some amazing stuff!! These professionals deserve respect and applause!
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    trout flys

    Does anyone on here tie nice trout flys?? If so drop me a pm. G
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    Dtx 15' original

    As above. Must be in good nick. G
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    custom fly box.

    What a surprise! My girlfriend just produced a lovely black american walnut fly box for me..made my paul amos. First time ive seen them, what a beauty it is!!. Well chuffed!.:D
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    dee monkey piglet

    been tying a few flys recently for a few trips coming up. Here is a wee dee monkey piglet on a 15mm brass bottle tube. G
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    hardy ultralite 10000DD.

    Hardy 10000dd plus spare spool, pouch etc etc. Mint condition, no gravel rash, and been dried , drag fully unwound & stored properly after every use. some pics. £245.
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    loop classic 8-11

    if anyone has one they want rid of.....