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  1. jbarry

    River Don

    Hows it going lads hopefully someone can help me here, Iv just started college in Aberdeen and live in hillhead, I walk through seaton park past a lovely stretch of the don most days. Im sure this is all club waters just wondering is there anywhere I might be able to purchase a day ticket for...
  2. jbarry

    Fishing wild Ireland....

    Hi lads, Was just wondering has anybody seen this dvd, The underwater shots look brilliant. Any ideas what rivers he fishes?
  3. jbarry

    Sea trout in the sea...??

    Hows it going lads have two spots where I know sea trout are present and feeding have usually got them on kilty/toby type lures, one spot is totally in the saltwater strong current into lagoon type area and the other is the mouth of a estuary always see them jumping and spluttering around, so...
  4. jbarry

    Flies you wouldnt be without!?...

    Hows it going lads just out of curiosity what would be your top 5 flies that you wouldn't be without on irish rivers?
  5. jbarry

    Poland fishing??

    Going to Poland (Krakow) for a week start of August, anybody know of any good fishing over there don't mind what fish just anything that could get me out of being dragged around the shops for a day?? Looked on the net but cant seem to find anything.
  6. jbarry

    Fulling Mill 6-Piece Salmon Traveller

    Anyone have the above rod, any opinions on it?
  7. jbarry

    Flies for the moy?

    Heading to the moy end of April, any ideas what flies should bring up thats if it is fishable with the fly (fingers crossed), any recommendations??
  8. jbarry

    Water temperature??

    Hows it going lads, New to the site but must say its a cracking forum, delighted to find it. Just a quick question bout water temperature, a few times when iv been fishing on my local river iv seen a guy on the other bank checking the water temp in your experience does it effect the movement of...