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    Along The Faughan Side

    Hiya Does anyone know where i could purchase this book? Thanks:p:p
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    The Burn Dennett

    Any reports 2009 :D:D
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    First Fish Caught in Faughan

    Hi All I just heard that a fresh fish only in was caught yesterday. I havnt heard what size or who or where abouts yet though i know its a truthworthy source etc. Will let you all know when find out, or if you already know who it is let me know the craic!! :p:p
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    Hiya all!!!

    Hi Everyone!! How has the season been treating you all???:):):)
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    The Burn Dennett

    Hiya has anyone any information regarding the Dennett??? is there books still open to join it?
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    Port Hall

    Hiya Has anyone fished Port Hall Lifford? Any reports from last year or this year?:):):)
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    Happy Christmas Everyone!!!!!!

    Good news! heard 2009 is going to stay the same (No Charge For Tags):):):)
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    Faughan Anglers object to tag charge plan
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    River Faughan Meeting November 2008

    Hiya Have you all received your letter for the meeting in November?:):):)
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    River Faughan Meeting November 2008

    Hi All Faughan Members Have you received you letter regarding the meeting this year etc!!!!