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  1. corky

    For Hurricane

    Clear your inbox please.
  2. corky

    Wtd 9'6'' #6

    I have been struggling this season with a Silstar 9'6'' #6 for the sea trout.ok in that it has got me out fishing ,landed a fair few fish and cost peanuts .Time to think of an upgrade for next year.I am looking for something of same lenght/rate with a mid tip action for under €100 ,is this...
  3. corky


    I'm looking to swap 2 Hardy Mach 1 lines,8/9 and 9/10 for some salmon singles or doubles .Lines only used for one session.PM'S please. Corky.
  4. corky

    Easy to be bigheaded,please watch all of this.
  5. corky

    WTD Kelly Green

    I'm looking for a Kelly Green in a #7 if anyone has one lying around. Cheers lads Corky
  6. corky

    Springer mac

    SM check you pm's please,
  7. corky

    SH Swap

    I have a guideline uncut # 9/10 s1-s2 temp loops for trial and need the same SH in a #10/11 if anyone has a swap. Corky
  8. corky


    PM sent re track & trace G,check your inbox. Corky
  9. corky

    WTD Kayak recommendations

    I'm thinking of trying kayak fishing on small/medium lakes for pike .Something around 10'-11' in length as storage space is tight .Any suggestions ? Corky
  10. corky

    Sage,B&W for sale

    I have for sale sage RPL+ 10' #7 3pc ,inc tube and sock used but very good cond £200 +pp, B&W Norway 15 3pc #10/11 used for an hour so excellent cond,£200 + pp, Based in Cork ,Ireland for collection or viewing if needed. Corky
  11. corky

    Some attempts

    Just some efforts from me,critique welcome, Thanks guys. Jeez this macro really shows up the blunders :D Corky
  12. corky

    Chartreuse in salmon fles

    Chartreuse is used my salty patterns and wonder why it is not used more in salmon flies,also looking at colours used in stillwater such as Sunburst,Artiflies electric range which I presume are fluro died.These would seem to be good for coloured water(I think) and I have done a flamethrower and...
  13. corky

    Tying in JC cheeks

    I have found that some of the cheeks I tye in slip out fairly easy,the method I use is to strip the waste from the stem angle the nail the direction I want, hold and wrap over.Thinking about it there is just a flimsy stem under some wraps before tying off .Is there a more secure method ?Some of...
  14. corky

    Critique welcome (but be gentle)

    Trying to improve my tying and pics,I see some fantastic flies on the forum and have used the SBS's in my quest to roll my own.I have scrapped most of my attempts to date and hope these are an improvement in the tying and pic quality,please feel free to pass helpful hints. I am having big...
  15. corky

    RPL+(an enquiry)

    10' #7 3PC,anybody got an idea of how much these rod(no warranty) are fetching now.Cheers Corky
  16. corky

    Had a go

    Had some materials in the shed from a previous attempt at tying and have decided to have another go ,would yiu fish with these :D Corky
  17. corky

    Tapered leader formula

    Doing some practice lately and wondering instead of buying tapered leaders and having some spools of 18,15, 12 ,10 LB maxima lying around what formula do I use the to make a leader,ie 40%18 40% 15 and 20%10 ? Corky
  18. corky

    Ceramic insert lost

    Hope this in the correct place,I lost the insert on the bottom ring (stripping guide) of my LPXE 13' 8/9 and rather than have the eye replaced wonder is it possible to buy an insert (or remove insert from new eye) and pop or glue it into the eye,If so would anyone have an idea of size or make...
  19. corky


    Just had my next door neighbour screaming for me to come over (wish of mine for years:D) .But it was for all the wrong reasons ,she had just brought the cat in and it had fallen asleep, letting the mouse it had smuggled in run riot in the kitchen :D:D
  20. corky

    Whisker 11'

    I have'nt done any shrimping for years,but have noticed this season that it seems to be used a lot more on waters I fish.I have a Daiwa Whisker 11' 10-60 grm ,and am hoping this will still do the business for shrimping and spinning .Has rod build moved on so much to render this as a "has been ":D