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  1. alan w

    Wanted: 14ft fly rod

    If you have a 14 fter for sale then feel free to PM me the details , Thanks.
  2. alan w

    U.S Masters

    My favourite golf tournament after the British Open and if I had my pick Augusta would be the course I'd most like to play. Amazing to see Tom Watson on top of the leaderboard again at a major at 60 y.o it's quite incredible,good to see Tiger back as well and he's playing nicely atm.My bet was...
  3. alan w

    The big thaw

    Are we now starting to see the big thaw in Scotland,,as here in the central belt the weathers been pretty warm the last few days..Checking some of the SEPA sites its seems a lot of rivers are on the rise now and we have'nt had any rain here. On my local river(the Forth)the level has been down...
  4. alan w

    US Masters

    Well into the tournament now and its just getting to the interesting stage...Currently Perry and Campbell are leading -11 and Cabrera is one behind next to him the pack are -6 at best...Tiger is -4 and Mickelson is -5 not out of it but they would need to play some incredible stuff to win from...
  5. alan w

    Lines for success

    Last season i bought the scierra mwf line system as i wanted to try shooting head lines and more importantly different line densities.In previous season's I have only ever fished full floating lines on my river. I found myself using the intermediate head throughout the season to great success...
  6. alan w

    new rod

    Hi all,,i am looking for a scierra hms v2 14"7 rod does anyone have one for sale or even know where i can buy one.
  7. alan w

    Hurray,,rain at last

    Well lads it rained all day here yesterday(Stirling).So after waiting three weeks for a flood i can get the big rod out and go salmon fishing again,,cant wait as there should be a good few fish about. Also im going to get a new rod this afternoon so im fevered up to get on the river,,im also...