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  1. madmax

    Shimano issue

    I have a Shimano reel with a bail arm issue, it’s an older reel and was looking to send it away for repair. I can’t find who to contact and where to send it to. Any advice please
  2. madmax


    DTX and AFS both sold. Thanks to the buyers. Sorry couldn’t edit original post
  3. madmax

    Mackenzie DTX

    Above line 10/11 £20 posted
  4. madmax

    Rio AFS

    Rio AFS clear inter 9/10 Used £20 posted
  5. madmax

    Inspired by the heavy rain

    Big water shouldn’t hold us back ?
  6. madmax

    OPST commando

    Head only 425 grain SOLD
  7. madmax

    Ni1 shooting head from John Norris

    The floating head from JN is it any good or so you get what you pay for in this instance? Les than £20 I was tempted to try one
  8. madmax


    Looking for a 540 grain floater if anyone has any for sale
  9. madmax

    Switch line

    Is there any lines similar in performance to the Barrio switch?
  10. madmax

    Leather antique reel case

    Looking for info on the above, the case is stamped J Weeks and sons 1916
  11. madmax


    I have a few vulturine feathers that I’m never going to use. I got them in a job lot of gear I bought years ago. Are they that sought after? I’ve seen full skins go for stupid money. What price do the individual pairs of feathers fetch?
  12. madmax

    Simms boots

    Has anyone had any issues with Freestone boots? I’m 2 seasons in and the felt sole has came away on one of the boots ?‍♂️
  13. madmax

    Whats not to love about winter fishing

    Patiently waiting for a go a the trout Upper Nithsdale, not many people fish it for Grayling. £5 per day from December 1st through to 28th of February. Anybody need any info for next winter don’t hesitate to ask Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. madmax

    Good wee morning

    What a slab, 22” in superb condition and as fat as you could roll Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. madmax


    First attempt and must say it’s trickier than you’d think Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. madmax

    Upper Nithsdale

    Had a couple of days holiday from work so managed to get down the water this afternoon for an hour. Managed 3 good sized Grayling to about 2.5lb what a scrap on the 3 weight Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. madmax

    Vision icon zip

    Anyone had any issues with the above? Maybe have already been covered. I’ve had mine for 1 season and I’ve almost used a tube of storm sure already. Now the seams between my legs are leaking. I like the idea and the zip is handy but the waders (certainly my ones) are rubbish.
  18. madmax

    Switch rod

    Any info on the below rod? Any good? I have seen posts on the USA models but not GB Beulah GB Switch 7/8wt 11' 6" 4 piece carbon fly rod £149 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. madmax

    Scierra traxion 1 9/11 wide

    Mint condition £50 posted loaded with backing and guideline comp line comes in original box and neoprene pouch
  20. madmax


    Skagit compact 540 grains as new condition don’t think it’s seen water £12 postedSOLD