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  1. alan w

    Braid v monofilament

    I have used braid for a long time on the spinning rod - I fish a shock leader 4/5 ft long of 18lb mono which gives a bit of stretch and prevents abrasion damage to the end of the braid. I normally fish the floating devon on the spinning rod and you can't go past braid for this method as the low...
  2. alan w

    Callander, killin area to fish in June?

    If you decide to take a Teith ticket to fish the Callander area in June then it probably ( I am not certain ) allows you to fish the Forth as well. If so then feel free to drop me a message at that time and I will gladly spend a day fishing with you on the Forth where you would probably stand a...
  3. alan w

    Callander, killin area to fish in June?

    If I were you I would be probably be turning my interests to sea trout fishing ( Teith/Callander ) unless there is a good bit of fresh water.
  4. alan w

    Claret Banana

    Very similar to Ross McDonalds Mairi's shrimp. Nice flee
  5. alan w

    loop doubles

    I had them years ago and they are a solid hook , just can't get past the downturned eye though. Maggie's looking good and were my go to last time I fished late Spring/ early Summer.
  6. alan w

    Arctic runner

    Aye he's that great to deal with you even get free extras in his Banana supreme goat packs.
  7. alan w

    River Forth

    Had a walk down earlier and the river level was sitting at 1.3 and a bit milky.
  8. alan w

    Trump and Trouble. ?

    Fascinating how quickly the Dems shat the bed when they learned who was on the first page of Trump's lawyers witness list.
  9. alan w

    River Forth

    0.90 and slow rising when I left the Dykes yesterday , Teith well worth a go this week with a touch of water and rising temps.
  10. alan w

    What's your favourite TV series of all time or what do you recommend ?

    Recent for me has been Succession , Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan and Ozark.
  11. alan w

    River Forth

    That photo is in the fishing cabin I believe , caught in Feb 82 if it's the same one?
  12. alan w

    River Forth

    I have a photo at home from 2002 at the pool of me with a fish about 7/8lb ( fresh and chapped of course ) taken by wee Rab Brown and it has Big Tex spinning the pool , Big Jock Galbraith with a rod ( only time I've ever seen him with a rod ) and that white poodle yelp. Also , I think it might...
  13. alan w

    River Forth

    Sad news indeed , learned a lot from that man and aye he was quite a character. Always away by opening time lol. Rest well Alec.
  14. alan w


    Democrat Rep ( Mass ). Stephen Lynch has been confirmed as testing positive for Covid 19 despite having the 2nd dose of the Pfizer vaccine , he also after the 2nd dose received a negative test prior to attending the Presidential inauguration. @Bostonglobe
  15. alan w

    Spring box complete.

    A fine Spring set there Westie , not be long before you put a notch on that flee box.
  16. alan w

    Teal blue and silver sea trout fly

    Try Angling Active Chris they use to have a good variety of tandem Sea Trout flies.
  17. alan w

    Youre go to fly this season and how will you fish it?

    Having just received a spring set of conehead WG templedogs , conehead Park Shrimps , black and yellow tubes , WG flamethrowers and oyster catchers from Wormo they will all be getting a swim soon hopefully. My Summer/Autumn set will be conehead puppy dogs , silver Allies , Maggie's shrimps ...
  18. alan w

    Scandi casting actual “max” distance......

    River craft is far more important than pinging it 40 yards as others have alluded too , pay attention to where you see resting/running fish showing and figure out how best to present the flee determined on river speed and depth. On deeper pools fish squarer and hand line the flee back ( as it...
  19. alan w

    Longer shooting heads..... what’s out there....

    Airflo Scandi long floater 450-600 grains , 44ft head for the 600 grains £25 on Airflo fishing site. Between 38-39 grams for the 600 grains I think.
  20. alan w

    Wanted: 14ft fly rod

    If you have a 14 fter for sale then feel free to PM me the details , Thanks.