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  1. nwsalar

    Guala Green

    15mm flexiweight + cone for Pro Flextube.
  2. nwsalar

    #4 Ponoi Gold

    First fly of 2021.
  3. nwsalar


    Ron Reinhold 4/0 Harrison Barleet XLT (Fully Gutted)
  4. nwsalar

    #6 Humber Green

    A fly for a bright day on the Bonaventure or Flowers.
  5. nwsalar

    #8 Green Butt Moose

    I usually don't start tying for next year until September or October; but, since there's no this year......
  6. nwsalar

    Caron Stone Fly

    My first Gaspe salmon was landed on this pattern.
  7. nwsalar

    #6 Laxa Bla

  8. nwsalar

    Aldo Salmon and Golden

    A variant of the Aldo Salmon and the beast who supplied the wing material.
  9. nwsalar

    Flowers River Salmon
  10. nwsalar

    Flowers River, Labrador

  11. nwsalar

    #4 Black Rat

    Fishing the Restigouche in June.
  12. nwsalar

    The Major

    Tolfrey's The Major on a Bjerke 2/0 Phillips Jones LS.
  13. nwsalar

    John Olin Special

    A favorite for the Cascapedia on a #6 Patriot Double. The body is a holographic, rather than plain, gold tinsel.
  14. nwsalar

    Laxa Blue

    Conditions in Labrador were problematic this year. Water on the Eagle during my week ranged from 675 to 490 cms, when normal flows are around 350 cms. Without any pool formation, fish seemed to move through. All the fish I hooked came to one fly, a #8 Laxa Blue.
  15. nwsalar

    Margaree Bug

    This is a guide pattern from Newfoundland and Labrador. I couldn't find a reference for it on the internet. It is simple, but, has been a top producer on the Flowers early in the season last year and again this year. The original that was given to me was tied with medium "chenille"; but, I...
  16. nwsalar

    GP Variant

  17. nwsalar

    Red Butt Blue Charms

    I started tying for Labrador next year.
  18. nwsalar

    JG Shrimp

    From Teemu Tolenen's new book "Top Salmon Flies"
  19. nwsalar

    Fiery Brown (PT Variant)

    Finished the head, and owing to the one photo limit for the TOTM, decided to post these here as well. I know the butt is an addition that is totally my fault; lack of concentration. I gained a lot of confidence with this one over the Mar Lodge. I really appreciate comments that will help me grow...
  20. nwsalar

    Mar Lodge

    Fully gutted Mar Lodge tied on a Byron Bjerke Dublin Limerick #6.