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  1. nwsalar

    Guala Green

    15mm flexiweight + cone for Pro Flextube.
  2. nwsalar

    #4 Ponoi Gold

    First fly of 2021.
  3. nwsalar

    POLL: Tie of the Month November: ‘A double date’

    A pair of Green Butt Variants: #1 Moose Wing tied on a #8 Sawada Low Water Hook. #2 Plastic tube with a brass conehead and layered wing of Arctic Fox/Finn Tanuki/Pseudo-Monkey.
  4. nwsalar

    Black tail Bann Special

    Beautiful tying.
  5. nwsalar

    POLL: Tie of the Month - October 2020: What does your willie look like?

    Hook: Ahrex Esmund Drury Black Treble #12 Thread: 70 Denier UTC Black Ultra Thread Tip: Veevus XS French Oval Gold Tinsel Body: Lagartun Black Silk Floss Rib: Same as Tip Tail: Black,Orange, and Yellow Bucktail (10 strands each) + 2 Strands Pearl...
  6. nwsalar

    latest tyings

    Quality set. Nice!
  7. nwsalar

    Red & Gold Shadow shrimp

    Lovely work!
  8. nwsalar

    Tie of the Month - September 2020: Going round in circles

    Ponoi Nail 1" Copper Tube Tip: Small Oval Gold Tinsel Tail: Yellow Bucktail and Pearl Micro-Krystal Flash Rear Hackle: Yellow Hen Body: Holographic Gold Tinsel Rinb: Medium Oval Gold Tinsel Body Hackle: Orange Saddle Carapace: Golden Pheasant Tippet Feather Dyed Hot Orange Front Hackle: Orange...
  9. nwsalar


    I gave this fly to a friend who decided to have some fun and apply her talent to a portrait.
  10. nwsalar


    I tend to savor little victories; a straight underwing one day, build the wing the next. Then I take a shot at mounting the wing properly. It probably took be a week to finish this fly. After a step I tie flies for the Gaspe or Labrador.
  11. nwsalar


    Several times I thought about quitting and tying a bonesfish fly instead.
  12. nwsalar


    Ron Reinhold 4/0 Harrison Barleet XLT (Fully Gutted)
  13. nwsalar

    #6 Humber Green

    A fly for a bright day on the Bonaventure or Flowers.
  14. nwsalar

    POLL: Tie of the Month - August 2020: Behind every great man...

    #2 Heritage PT: fully gutted for fishing the Grand Cascapedia in 2021.
  15. nwsalar

    Flowers River, Labrador

    With the border closed I wasn't able to fish my slot on the Flowers this year. But, good to see Jones Pool and Max's nonetheless. Also interesting how quickly the fish start to take on some color. I've never seen this in a July fish.
  16. nwsalar

    POLL: Tie of the Month: July 2020 'Mostly Afloat?'

    A black buck bug modeled after the Canadian Black Dose. Hook: Partridge CS42/R Bomber Thread: 70 Denier Black Ultra Thread for Tip/Tag/Head. Gel Spun Thread for Spinning the Body. Tip: Small Oval French Tinsel Tag: Fluorescent Orange and Blue Floss Body: Spun Black Deer Hair Hackle: #12...
  17. nwsalar

    #8 Green Butt Moose

    I usually don't start tying for next year until September or October; but, since there's no this year......
  18. nwsalar

    POLL: Tie of the Month: June 2020 'Bit of a drought in tying'

    #18 Haugur Micro Treble Hook: Fulling Mill Micro Treble Thread: UTC 70 Denier Fl. Fire Orange Body: Thread Overwrapped with Pearl Flashabou and Solarz Thin Bone Dry UV Epoxy Wing: UV Blue Krystal Flash and Black Arctic Fox Mask Throat...
  19. nwsalar

    POLL: Tie of the Month: May 2020 'Light at the end of the Tunnel'

    Bit of late entry as I am coming to grips with the cancellation of my season that included a week on the Restigouche, B/C water on the Cascapedia, and days on the St. Jean, Bonaventure, and York. I found this pattern on the MonkeyFlyTying blog. I subbed a few materials, but, it looks almost...