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  1. woodcockandsewin

    Redd Villaksen Auction 2019

    On Thursday 7th November, the Norwegian NASF holds its annual charity auction fund raiser. There are some lots to suit most pockets, and in my experience, some of the cheaper lots can be excellent. There is also some "dead mens shoes" access. The full list in Norwegian...use google translate...
  2. woodcockandsewin

    Anyone heading for Kola?

    Hold on to your tobies. 'Metal thieves' steal 56-tonne, 23-metre rail bridge in Russia
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    Only 52 votes on Feb TOTM, with 32 cracking entries. Please have a look and a vote...their efforts deserve it. Speybrothers Tie of the Month February 2019 - Black and Yellow Get it up to 200, and I'll show you my 52lber.
  4. woodcockandsewin

    Stjordal July 27 - August 3

    I have some rods available to fish the Stjordal at Hembre Gard, and Forra at Fossen these days as part of a group. There is lot's of fishing space, on 2 very different rivers, and last year the combined beats caught 350+ fish over the season. PM me if interested. Hembre Gard Forra - AS...
  5. woodcockandsewin

    3D lines

    I have 4 new Guideline 3D lines for sale. All 10/11 weight. F/H/I, F/I/S2, I/S2/S4 and S1/S3/S5. £35 + p/p each, or all 4 for £120 inc p/p. Thanks, W@S SOLD, thanks for the interest.
  6. woodcockandsewin

    Wader/boot deal

    Special Offers: Discount Thigh, Chest Waders, Wading Boots Came to my inbox...not in the market, but looks a good deal.
  7. woodcockandsewin

    Norwegian fishing available

    I have been offered some fishing due to cancellations. Rena on Stjordal. Full board, guided, with 5kms of dreamy fly water within 1 hour of Trondheim airport. 25 - 30th June. Approx £270/day (subject to exchange rate.) Secondly, the Orkla at Meldal...
  8. woodcockandsewin

    Loop Opti Mega

    Loop Opti Mega, Black, LHW, very lightly used with minor gravel rash. Comes with a spare spool, original box and case. 30lb backing loaded on both. £300 posted.
  9. woodcockandsewin

    Summer job

    Just seen this and thought I would stick it on here. PM me if you want more info on the Stjordal etc. W&S Hi guys. I'm looking for one or two chefs in the summer of 2017. This job is on a salmon fishing lodge in meråker / Norway. Start the end of may to the beginning of September...
  10. woodcockandsewin

    Norway Speycaster 15' 10/11

    Norway Speycaster 15' 10/ careful lady owner, never raced or rallied. (Non original sock and tube.) If fishing rods were priced on experience, this would be at least £10k. This well travelled rod has landed a fair tonnage of fish from all over western Europe. On the downside, there are...
  11. woodcockandsewin

    Lts x1 15.6

    LTS X1 15.6, 11/12 with a spare tip. £170 posted...a veritable bargain. I've had this of for about 6 years, during which time I doubt it's had 6 days use. Very powerful, and needs to go fishing. W&S
  12. woodcockandsewin

    LTS Adapted Pro line

    LTS Adapted Pro line for sale. 10/11. Floating body with 4 tips. F, Int, S3, S6. Hardly been used. £30 posted. SOLD
  13. woodcockandsewin

    Loop Opti Mega

    Loop Opti Mega and spare spool in black for sale. LHW. C/w original box and reel cover. Very light use, and minor gravel rash. £300 posted. PM for photos.
  14. woodcockandsewin

    Loop Opti Mega / LTS X1 15.6

    Surplus to current fishing requirements. Black Opti Mega and spare spool. LHW. Complete with reel bag and original boxes. Great reel, in near perfect condition. £325. LTS X1 15.6. with spare tip. I just never use it anymore, and never really did when I did! £225. Or £500 sold as a unit. W&S
  15. woodcockandsewin

    No more porkies.

    An end to all the debate?!!!! FishFigure – The app to size your fish from a photo
  16. woodcockandsewin

    Check your tackle box.

    Last year I had a day on the Wye with John Bailey, trying to catch a barbel on trotted maggot. It was like an episode of Mr Crabtree. Amusingly, he couldn't believe the tacklebox I turned up with, nor it's contents...1970's box and older bits n pieces inside. Well, thankyou for spotting this...
  17. woodcockandsewin

    Where the salmon went

    Alien abduction. BBC News - 'Ice pancakes' found floating on the River Dee
  18. woodcockandsewin

    Algal blooms explained.

    In amongst the headline. BBC News - The world's insatiable hunger for phosphorus
  19. woodcockandsewin

    Car Hire Issues

    I hire cars for holidays several times a year, and for the last 5 years have been very loyal to Europcar, enjoying their Privilege Club. In march I spent 3 days on Deeside, in the snow. The car was never damaged or scraped, I'm careful with wading boots etc, and was alarmed on receiving my...
  20. woodcockandsewin

    Orvis Rocky Mountain

    Orvis Rocky Mountain LA IV. I seem to remember that there was another reel with the same cartridge as these. Any clues gratefully received. W&S