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  1. sewinfly

    Bloke Switch Line 8/9 wt

    Any body tried this line compared to the Barrio Switch as an alternative. Cheers Spencer...........
  2. sewinfly

    Wanted Section

    Maybe its just me I have an advert in the wanted section regarding my . Shimano Baitrunner Tribal 10000RA But it says not open for further replies ? Does this mean nobody can reply to my question regarding the broken reel. Cheers Spencer......................
  3. sewinfly

    Shimano Baitrunner Tribal 10000RA

    Dropped my reel and snapped part of the foot off.Looking for the body.Do have the broken part . Any ideas even to repair it
  4. sewinfly

    Testwood Salmon Pool,River Test

    Fished the pool on Saturday with 2 mates. When we arrived there were a good few fish showing and of size to. It was looking promising. Darkness drew in and the tide was still out. Line was a Cortland Blue Ice with a single hook snake. I managed only 3 fish ,2 at a pound each and one about 2.5...
  5. sewinfly

    Waiting For The Darkness

    A picture from a few days ago.Not as clear as my camera ? The bats came out the sun went down and so did the Sewin. Not a pull or a touch. Sewinfly..........
  6. sewinfly

    On The Pin

    With the Usk still out of bounds on our beat. Had a few hours this morning. Lost a few but still good to be out. Sewinfly........
  7. sewinfly

    Few for the Ewenny and Ogmore

    Tied on B270 Kamasan doubles. Sewinfly..........
  8. sewinfly

    South Esk,Many Moons Ago.

    Hope you guys don't mind, I was going through some pics of a few years ago. Last few days of the season.It was blxxdy cold and the rings were freezing in the eyes of the rod. Working my way down the pool and there was a fresh splash at the tail. It was the last casts of the session. Soon as...
  9. sewinfly

    Variations of Testwood & American Express Nymphs

    A variation of the Testwood Nymph that I'm hoping to use at Testwood and Woodmill if I get there this year:confused: Another take on the American Express fly. Have attached a fluro pink 3.5mm tungsten bead on a long shank hook. This is used on the top dropper on about 6" of line.Then on the...
  10. sewinfly

    One for the Usk

    Had some information off Kierstream so thanks to him. Sewinfly..........
  11. sewinfly


    Has the forum layout changed ,as mine is terrible. Tried to do a screen shot on the ipad but unable to. Got it back had to click on full site. Sewinfly
  12. sewinfly

    Woodmill Swaythling, River Itchen 2020

    With a delay of a month before you can submit your dates for fishing the pool. Has anyone been there to see if any maintenance work has started? Sewinfly. .........
  13. sewinfly

    The Lady with a hole

    Out with the pin today for a quick couple of hours. Lost several nice fish before landing this poor ol girl. With a hole in her flank.Fought well and swam off strong. Then the rain came down and put paid to that Sewinfly............
  14. sewinfly

    My Local

    Hopefully the fish was able to spawn. Weighed about 5 pounds.Looks to be a hen. One of the club members found it on the river bank. Seems to be a hole below the eye area. Sewinfly.....
  15. sewinfly

    Usk 2020

    All the best to the Usk rods and visiting rods for the new season. We wait for NRW I suppose in writing to confirm exactly what will be the new recommendations as they will have to make everybody aware. I know people who are waiting like many others before commencing fly-tying,hooks being...
  16. sewinfly

    Abu ambassadeur 6000c black version

    Just putting the feelers out there for an Abu ambassadeur 6000c black version .RH wind. Wondering if anyone off loading one at all. Looking at other sites to. Cheers Spencer.............
  17. sewinfly

    Abu Cardinal servicing

    Had a problem with my Abu Cardinal 157 that was jamming on the downstroke. So sent them off to Martin Stone who repairs a lot of Abu reels. Sent on Monday back on Friday what fantastic service ,don't know the guy at all but will be sending off my 2 x 55's for a service ready for next year. He...
  18. sewinfly

    Acid or Lazer etching onto crystal glass

    Looking to give a someone a lazer etched ,acid etc picture of a fantastic catch they had onto crystal glass ,whiskey tumblers etc in a presentation box. Have Googled with no problems but there is nothing like a recommendation if good with a company they have dealt with. Cheers Sewinfly. .....
  19. sewinfly

    Cancun Mexico 2020

    Has anyone fished Cancun off the beach on the fly,species, etc Looking possibly next year, but not sure what area yet. Cheers Sewinfly................
  20. sewinfly

    On the Whiskers

    3 from yesterday on the Float. Several fish covered with the fly but not interested. Biggest was 11 pounds hen and all fish returned . Sewinfly. .........