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  1. Lewis.Chessman

    The Dog Gone Thread;

    A special post, Ard. Very touching. Best of luck picking your next 'best friend'.
  2. Lewis.Chessman

    Where to buy custom rod sock?

    This eBay seller makes to order. Hope that helps.
  3. Lewis.Chessman

    A trip to Skye

    Hi, SOS. It's been years since I fished in Skye but my dad used to live in Portree in the 80s & 90s so I knew its waters pretty well back then from long holidays in the summers. Drop me a pm if you head back and I'll help if I can with a recommendation or two. They'll be 'historic' but the trout...
  4. Lewis.Chessman

    Upstream I or Downstream

    Isn't that the first line of 'The Fly Who Came In From the Cold'?
  5. Lewis.Chessman

    A wise and experienced river keep once informed me....

    Not quite what you're asking but related: I know of a once-fine sea trout system here in Lewis situated at the head of a 'fjord' sea loch. It was once so prolific that Grimersta guests used to relish the chance to leave their salmon and have a crack at the sea trout there. The old keeper told...
  6. Lewis.Chessman

    Attire when fishing.

    I wear one at work (gillieing) when it's not too hot. It's an old 1960s mossy green Tweed tie which belonged to my father. He started me off in this game and I like the connection now he's long gone. Also, I can tighten it up when the midges are out. :)
  7. Lewis.Chessman

    Rising Salmon

    This is something I've been considering myself this week. I currently work on the Thurso and have gillied on the Spey and on the Isle of Lewis previously. My knowledge is somewhat limited to these three areas and I feel I have seen different behaviour in each fishery. In Lewis I have seen...
  8. Lewis.Chessman

    Buy from Thomas Turner direct and save your money

    I used to enjoy perusing the Thomas Turner website but these days (and for a while now) a drop-down menu appears obscuring about 1/4 of the page making close inspection of the photos near impossible (Win10 + Chrome). Most of this menu is unnecessary white space plus 'See our 207 reviews on...
  9. Lewis.Chessman

    Guide wrapping at tip of rod

    Don't worry about slightly loose wraps. So long as you can position the eye at the correct length down the blank you'll be fine. In fact, you want a bit of play in order to align all the eyes before adding the resin. It's not wise to wrap the threads so tight that you can't adjust the eye once...
  10. Lewis.Chessman

    Welly slap.

    Could you cut the top off some old boot socks and either glue them around the inside top of your wellies or just fold them over an inch or two to pad them out? The latter would be a washable option but possibly more prone to slip.
  11. Lewis.Chessman

    Getting a grip in Daiwa models...?

    Hi, Materius, like Rennie, sorry I'm late to the party. I'm no expert on earlier Daiwa carbon so am wide open to correction but my understanding is that the Whisker range was the successor to their C96 series from the early 1980s. I know Gary Loomis was producing his '96% Carbon' rods from 1975...
  12. Lewis.Chessman

    Skating/Waking flee's

    It's common practice in the Hebs to fish a fussy fly on a dropper with a single or wee double behind on the tail. The wake fly grabs their attention and brings the fish up. If they take it, great, you get to see the head and tail rise. If not, they often take the tail fly on their way back down...
  13. Lewis.Chessman

    Sidney spencer----author

    Wow! Thanks, Jack and thanks Mr. Donovan. That's a wonderful find and so incredibly well detailed. I was able to download it simply by clicking on the attachment. I take from that that the vital aspect was the internal haemorrhaging caused by the abdomen impacting with the steering wheel and the...
  14. Lewis.Chessman

    Float tubes.

    I did a fair bit a few years back in Lewis. It's my favourite method, really. I like the stealth aspect - and the fact that a salmon will tow you around a bit. :) As Gustav says, they're great in a hoolie, safer than a boat in my view as your flippers give you a massive keel. One is usually...
  15. Lewis.Chessman

    Swedish Small Water Sea Trouting Video

    I saw this on the Classic Fly Rod Forum posted by 'Bassman' and thought I'd share it here. I suspect the fisherman is a Vision rep judging by the gear used. Regardless, it's a pleasant way to spend 30 minutes of lockdown: FLY TV - Sight Fishing Big Sea Trout in a Small River - YouTube
  16. Lewis.Chessman

    Letter home from the war

    This is my late Uncle Alastair who served as a signaller in Burma in WWII. The only time he was shot at was when taking a swim in a river - it was 'friendly fire', his own troops mistaking him for the enemy! He was the kindest, gentlest, most modest man I have ever known - and he taught me how...
  17. Lewis.Chessman

    Morse Taps Out.

    It is with regret that I learned yesterday of the death of our fellow member Morse who departed this world last Monday. I met Gordon on a few occasions on the River Spey and always found him there as I did here on the forum, a kindly, modest gentleman, giving with good advice, who loved his...
  18. Lewis.Chessman

    Sea Trout/Grilse Loch-Style Rods - What Do You Use? What Would You Like?

    I've been having a think about 11 ft+ boat rods for lough/loch boat fishing for sea trout and grilse. I have three long s-h rods but all are over 20 years old and blank technology has moved on a long way in that time, getting lighter - but often stiffer, too. It got me wondering what rods, say...
  19. Lewis.Chessman

    The 2019 Salmon Farm Incident Thread

    What problems will the salmon farms experience in 2019? I thought it might be useful to note any issues relating to UK salmon farms in one place this year to provide an at-a-glance record. If you hear of something - fish escapes/disease/mortalities/pollution/workers' injuries/etc. - please list...
  20. Lewis.Chessman

    At Last - A Fish!

    I had a few hours on a local river this afternoon. It's not one I know well and I hadn't fished so far upstream before but the walk was well worth it. No strong winds today, just a gentle southerly and the odd shower .... and the river at a beautiful height for the pools I reached. I was out...