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    A small squadron of muddlers
  3. belfast boy

    Kate McLaren (Variant)

    Kate McLaren Variant, i have ran out of golden pheasant topping so substituted the tail with glo bright floss. Great fly when there's sedges about.
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    Legs Eleven (Variant)

    Legs Eleven Variant size 10
  5. belfast boy

    Florescent green dabbler

    Florescent green dabbler size 10
  6. belfast boy

    Duck fly size 12

    Great little pattern
  7. belfast boy

    Leonard's Hatching Duckfly (Variant)

    A pattern of the late Joe Leonard of Cong for Lough Corrib. I believe when the fly was tied it was considered revolutionary. Below flies are a size 12. Correct Tying - Thread- Brown Body- Flat silver tinsel overlaid with clear PVC Wing- white-tipped grey squirrel tail Thorax- black ostrich...
  8. belfast boy

    Goat's Toe ( Cathal Rush) size 10

    Great dressing/fly for early season and good for pulling trout up when fishing is a bit difficult.
  9. belfast boy

    Feather wing size 10

    Tie these flies with materials laying on my desk, turned out okay and should do a turn!!!!
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    The Islay Blackie

    The Islay Blackie size 10
  11. belfast boy

    Partridge mayfly wet

    I I cant remember who but another angler give me this pattern a while back, for anyone interested the tying for this pattern is as follows: Thread- white or cahill Tail- Cock Pheasant Rib- Oval gold tinsel or Gold wire Body- natural or cream seal's fur Body Hackle- white cock Head Hackle-...
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    Holographic butt buzzers

    Holographic butt buzzers size 14
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    Some size 10 nymphs
  14. belfast boy

    Wets size 10

    Messing around with some dyed goose feathers as an under wing. That said you cant tell from the photos below but should show up once the fly has been fished.
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    Wets Size 12

    A few wets size 12
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    Sunburst Boar

    Sunburst Boar size 10
  17. belfast boy

    Black Boar (Variant)

    Black Boar (Variant) size 10. Hopefully i have positioned this post in the correct category.
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    Shuttlecock CDC (size 12)

    Shuttlecock CDC size 12 in natural and olive.
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    Soldier Palmer (Variant) with JC

    The Soldier Palmer was created in the early 1800s, and is still one of my go to trout flies. Tied here in size 10
  20. belfast boy


    I stripped and dyed peacock quills, olive, and golden olive a few months back for tying cruncher's and here is the results.