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  1. Tyke777

    Drams for the salmon fishing!! Try Holland!!
  2. Tyke777

    Dambusters Doucumentary

    Must watch that on catch up - thanks for the heads up ozzyian (y)
  3. Tyke777

    Its a dugs life

    Jarvis in the usual Cocker pose, not shy these dogs are they ? ;)
  4. Tyke777

    Best tasting fish

    Ling goujons in beer batter, fresh Cod with new garden potatoes and peas, fresh mackerel cooked and eaten on the boat, wee brownies cooked again on the bank and eaten, there are three wonderful wild brown trout in the pan, kelly kettle on the go for a cuppa after a glass or two of red, pre...
  5. Tyke777

    Bird Flu - Just when you thought 2020 couldn't get any worse

    2020 will definitely not go down as a good year, it has just been declared yesterday that a case of Avian Bird Flu H5N8 has occurred not far from us, 10,500 turkeys being destroyed humanly today and that's just the start. A pal not far from this has 1,000's of free range layer chickens is now...
  6. Tyke777

    Doggy Photo's

    Much happening mows?;)
  7. Tyke777

    Efternin tea

    You know the answer Tam, there's always the selling price, plus VAT and MAT (Malc's added Tax :cool: )
  8. Tyke777

    Efternin tea

    Never mind the scones, take advantage of this wonderful offer : Wonderful Cheese and made in a wonderful setting, North Yorkshire of course.... :cool:
  9. Tyke777

    Efternin tea

    Proper Brew !! 😁
  10. Tyke777


    Mark my words, this Corona virus thing is only going to end in many people say on this forum, I'll get my Coat :LOL:
  11. Tyke777


    The self same news the worlds largest offshore wind farm, being serviced and operated via Teessport which itself is getting multi-million pound upgrade that will help Brexit-proof Teesport and cement its position as the "UK’s northern gateway for international trade"...
  12. Tyke777

    Welcome to Yorkshire - Fishing the River Ure

    The highest level ever recorded at Bainbridge, there's going to be some serious flooding downstream when it eventually gets there, York will be bracing itself yet again.
  13. Tyke777

    Pine Martin

    If you had chickens in a pen, I would check those out if they are OK. They are an absolute cute looking killing machine that stays healthy with an alternative fruit diet :cool:
  14. Tyke777

    Sloe Gin

    Have done Damson Brandy so far this year, thats already in a darkened cupboard being agitated on a weekly basis, I'm now just trying something totally different - Crab Apple Vodka. The tree at the bottom of the garden was absolutely laden with beautiful shiny red / pink crab apples - a quick...
  15. Tyke777

    Birthday Present To Cherish

    Apologies forgot, Happy Birthday you old B.......... ?
  16. Tyke777

    Birthday Present To Cherish

    Absolutely Brilliant Tom, some special girl you have there, the artist has the stance perfectly.....:D
  17. Tyke777

    River Ure 2020....

    My Uncle used to farm at Salmon Hall, that says something about years gone by.....
  18. Tyke777

    River Ure 2020....

    Rumour has it more Salmon are running the Swale than ever this year ? (y)
  19. Tyke777

    autumn colours

    Nice Pictures, you live in a wonderful part of the world, thank you for posting - (y)
  20. Tyke777

    Another big croc today out the leven

    Great Fish, well done that man, you wont forget that fella for a while ?