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  1. Aled

    Help: Cant log out of Facebook

    Thankfully the salmon fishing forum is a broad church so I need some help please. I can't seem to log out of my Facebook page. The usually box on the right of the page is not showing when clicked, also the override system is not working: I go into settings then click the security and login, and...
  2. Aled

    Afon/River Teifi

    Opening day for trout fishing on the Upper Teifi today. Good luck to all Teifi anglers for the forthcoming season. Tight Lines Aled
  3. Aled

    Afon/River Tywi 2020

    Well with opening day less than a month away I thought it was time to open a new Tywi thread. Llandeilo Angling Association has a few vacancies for the forthcoming season, and for this year only there will be no joining fee of £50. Permit fee is £100. So if anybody is interested in joining...
  4. Aled

    Six Nations 2020.

    Time doesn't half fly these days. Another 6 Nations upon us. So for this season: What can we expect! New French, Irish & Welsh coaches, England looking strong after a good World Cup, Scotland smarting from a World Cup exit....lets not forget what happened during the 6 Nations after Wales and...
  5. Aled

    Any Runners? Running Trainers advice.

    Hello All Right then, as The Salmon Fishing Forum is a broad Church of people i'm fishing for some advice. I will soon need new running trainers. I do short sprint triathlons, and hope to run a 10km next year. I've been using New Balance 680 and buy them at a reduced rate at end of line sales...
  6. Aled

    Rugby World Cup

    So it all starts a week tomorrow in Japan. I'd like to begin by wishing Japan all the best as they are the first country outside the "traditional' s " to host the World Cup so hope it all goes well for them. Secondly lets look forward to some good rugby, and sporting behaviour by both players...
  7. Aled

    Bob Church

    Surprised nobody else has mentioned this, another angler whose books and articles I read as a teenager has sadly passed away. His tackle innovation was good, personally I loved his 10ft Rutland fly rod, and that rod travelled all over the place with me catching trout, and occasionally sea trout...
  8. Aled

    Fly Line Recycling

    Good Morning All Just thought this would be of interest to us all in the current climate. Anybody out there heard of this? I like the look of it and will be looking at getting in touch soon. I have fly lines that need to be recycled! Tight Lines Aled ANLRS | Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme
  9. Aled

    Afon/River Tywi 2019

    Hello All, well the season is on the horizon so.... Cymdeithas Pysgota Llandeilo Angling Association has a few vacancies for the 2019 season. If you would like to join please email with your name and address and we will send you a membership pack. Tight Lines Aled
  10. Aled

    6 Nations 2019

    Well here we go again. With the yearly rugby festival known as the 6 Nations. So as usual here is the 6 Nations thread. Pull legs, enjoy banter, shout for your country, BUT most importantly enjoy. T begin, a bit of bad news for Wales with Faletau injured again! Ah well.... How's injury...
  11. Aled

    The Bookshelf

    After reading of passing of Peter O'Reilly it just got me thinking.....(yeah OK a rare occurrence!) Like others on this forum (I hope!) I have a bookshelf full of fishing and shooting books written by many authors seen as greats in their respective fields. Moc Morgan, Peter O'Reilly, Arthur...
  12. Aled

    Rugby 2018-19

    Well its here again the Rugby Union Season. Discuss enjoy pull legs, throw around banter. Here's to an enjoyable season! Cheers Aled
  13. Aled

    Summer Rugby Tours 2018

    Hello All Well in theory the rugby season is over, however we do have a series of Internationals to enjoy: Wales are playing S Africa & Argentina Ireland are in Australia England are in S Africa Scotland are playing Canada, USA & Argentina Italy play Japan & France play NZ. Discuss, Enjoy...
  14. Aled

    Afon/River Tywi 2018

    Hello All With the new season days away I thought you may be interested to know that Cymdeithas Pysgota Llandeilo Angling Association has 10 vacancies available for the forthcoming season, visit the link below if you are interested. First come first served, those of you who have already...
  15. Aled

    Afon/River Teifi 2018

    The Upper Teifi opens for trout fishing today. A bit of a cold one so I stayed at home however, looking forward to visiting in warmer times. Tight lines to all who will be fishing the Teifi this year. Cheers Aled PS: Its worth noting that on more than one occasion, during my very keen days, I...
  16. Aled

    Keeping Dogs whilst you are at work.

    Hello All I know there are many experienced dog people on this thread and I have a question to ask those . I've wanted a dog for a while, and I think we as a family would benefit from having one, however I have one thing holding me back. Both my Wife and I work full time and a dog would be...
  17. Aled

    The 6 Nations 2018

    With squads being announced in the next few days its time to Kick Off. So here it is again, the 6 Nations thread. As usual discuss, pull legs, get some banter going, highlight good play (and reffing) but most importantly enjoy. :) Cheers Aled
  18. Aled

    Rugby Season 2017-18

    Hello All Well in less than a week, the rugby season starts proper, with an enhanced Pro-12 to Pro-14, plus an exciting English Premiership, throw in the EU (!) Cup, and before we know it the fishing season will be over and we'll be enjoying some autumn internationals. So Discuss, pull legs, and...
  19. Aled

    The Lions tour of New Zealand 2017

    Hello All, Well another entertaining 6 Nations has come to an end, and already we have had some good discussions on the Lions squad for the forthcoming tour of New Zealand. So in view of this fact and unless the mods object we'll continue the Lions discussion on this stand alone thread. I'll...
  20. Aled

    Afon/River Teifi

    Hello All The season on the Upper River Teifi starts on Friday the 3rd of March. As many of you are aware the river has had a rather severe pollution incident back before Christmas. Now it was not good news, but its not all doom and gloom. There will still be good fish to be caught. If you...